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A NewBoCo employee working with a Full Spectrum Laser cutter to produce an engraved plaque for The McIntyre Foundation, a sponsor organization

Robbie Nesmith One Year Workiversary!

On September 16th, one of the superstars of the NewBoCode team, Robbie Nesmith, celebrates one year with NewBoCo. Robbie joined the team last year as a software developer, and immediately demonstrated how curious, engaged, and hardworking he is! He is known for his ability to create just about anything in our prototyping lab and his amazing sense of humor. Not

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Happy Workiversary to Rob Merritt

On August 12th, our Director of Communications, Rob Merritt celebrated one year with NewBoCo.  And what a year it has been!  As our Chief Relationship Officer, David Tominsky shared, “Rob chose 2020 as his breakout year. He’s hit the big time writing reviews of big-screen musicals, parodies of rock classics, and recently made his debut as a citizen journalist on

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Geonetric Building

A science-based re-entry approach for NewBoCo programs and events

NewBoCo is known for hosting a variety of events that bring many different communities together and foster collaboration, networking, and learning. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are adjusting our events to protect our community members while still providing opportunities to connect and grow. As of mid-July 2020, COVID-19 cases and deaths are rising in Iowa. Developing a consistent and effective policy for

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Creating an Innovation Culture

Our newest innovation event is all about learning and experimenting in Innovation. InnovationDojo is a monthly one-hour event where participants explore two tools that support innovation in any organization. Participants leave with enough exposure to try these tools with their organizations. All in less than an hour. Our July 21st session focused on culture. Culture is one key component of

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Diverse Perspectives Amplify Innovation

Diverse Perspectives Amplify Innovation At the July 7th Virtual Innovation Coffee, we used a 2017 study that looked at the impact of diversity on innovation as the basis for our discussion. We were interested in how organizational leaders in our ecosystem would perceive and extend the discussion. The group did not disappoint! The study identified key findings around where diversity

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DeltaV Student and Instructor


Opportunity. NewBoCo started DeltaV Code School in 2017 to help solve Iowa’s technical workforce crisis. In Iowa, there are 3,000 open computing jobs each month, but last year, our universities only graduated approximately 679 Computer Science majors. All across our state, employers struggle to fill these positions. DeltaV helps solve this problem by giving Iowans the skills necessary to fill

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Happy Workiversary to Craig Barkley!

Happy 2 year Workiversary to DeltaV Code School Instructor Craig Barkley! Craig started with us as a student at DeltaV and then an apprentice before he accepted his current role on our Instructor team. Craig brings a diversity of experience as a veteran of the workforce and the US Air Force, which he shares to help students relate the concepts

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