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Celebrating five years with Keith Dahlby

Earlier this week, we celebrated the five-year anniversary of Jess Bertling joining NewBoCo. Another key member of our team is also celebrating five years with our team as of today: Keith Dahlby, our Software Architect and instructor with DeltaV Code School. Like Jess, Keith is one of the “OG”‘s of NewBoCo, having been with the organization since its earliest days.

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Jess Bertling

Celebrating five years of Jess Bertling as a teammate

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. For five years now, Jess Bertling has been a part of the NewBoCo team. She serves as our incredible UX Designer & Front End Developer at NewBoCo (and a pretty darned good instructor at DeltaV Code School). She also serves as one of our most beloved and respected co-workers. So how do you

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EntreFEST reveals hybrid format for 2021

EntreFEST, the two-day conference celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurialism and innovation, returns in a hybrid format for 2021. The conference will be held June 10-11, and both in-person and virtual tickets are available.

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Owners need to embrace change, especially from within

Imagine if your workplace sent you to a training program for innovation. Before you go, your boss tells you, “We are going to need to change with the times, so we’re sending you to learn about how!” You and your co-workers spend months taking part in this training program.  You ask questions about your job, do research alongside your team

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Front Line Innovation

Each Veterans Day, I find myself reflecting on my experiences and development as both a leader and a human being from my time in the military. I worked with the most diverse group of men and women, and learned the value of different perspectives, voices, ideas and traditions. I entered the US Army as a 21-year-old from a small town

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Highlights from Guy Raz at NewBoCo

Award-winning journalist and NPR host Guy Raz has interviewed more than 200 highly successful entrepreneurs to uncover amazing true stories. Last Thursday, NewBoCo got the chance to learn more about Raz’ own amazing true story. Here are highlights from our virtual event with him and interviewer Molly Monk.   Special thanks to our sponsors, The Gazette and Appirio. Highlights from

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Celebrating Jennifer Murphy’s NewBoCo workiversary

“Like great leaders, Jennifer leads by example.” “She proposes solutions to problems in a thoughtful way.” “She is such a bright light in this world!” When we realized that we were coming up on one year with the amazing Jennifer Murphy here at NewBoCo, we quietly asked around the team to see what people had to say. Their responses paint a

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