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Celebrating five years of Jess Bertling as a teammate

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. For five years now, Jess Bertling has been a part of the NewBoCo team. She serves as our incredible UX Designer & Front End Developer at NewBoCo (and a pretty darned good instructor at DeltaV Code School). She also serves as one of our most beloved and respected co-workers.

So how do you sum up all the contributions Jess has made to NewBoCo in half a decade? We could list her resume (which is pretty awesome — seriously, go hit up her LinkedIn page and see all the cool stuff she’s done).

But the thing is — as much of an impact as Jess has had on our work, she’s also been one of the best teammates and people you could ask to have in your corner. So we’ll let members of the staff share their thoughts on just what has made Jess so “mind-blowingly” cool.

SD – “I love the diversity of experiences that Jess brings to NewBoCo and her work! Ceramics, plants and gardening, the outdoors, and music are just a few examples of what she has to offer on top of her exceptional technical skills.”

KD – “Thrilled that Jess and I could rejoin forces after such a disappointing end to our previous team together. It’s been a privilege to see her skills and roles evolve and expand since then. Our kids just love visiting Jess and Archie for some gardening or a walk.”

NA – “Jess makes every workday a little bit cooler! She’s amazing to work with and is my favorite expert for all things UX and web front-end.”

CB – “Jess is very personable and is always ready to help out and share the knowledge she has gained through her experiences, with new students and old coders alike. Miss working in the Pods with her.”

AM – “Jess is incredible. I learned so much from her while participating in DeltaV and value her easygoing way of explaining things to students. She is personable and kind to all.”

MM – “I really admire Jess’s creativity and community spirit. She’s always willing to share her knowledge about CS, corporate structures, and development team dynamics in an easy to understand way!”

KB – “Jess is one of the people I missed most during this work from home setup! I always appreciate her storytelling, pop culture references and her overall in-the-know nature when it comes to world events or new tech gadgets. Not to mention, she’s an overall kind and hard working gal. Proud to call her a team member and friend!”

DT – “Holy schnikeys, a half century of awesomeness! I think I speak for everyone when I say Jess Bertling is amazing. Probably the most down-to-earth human you will ever meet that is crazy smart on subjects ranging from plants, music, food, all things outside, and the user experience.”

RN – “Jess has the experience to transform a website’s UI and make it a pleasure to use. She also has an energetic personality that some of us introverts in the office really need.”

JW – “Jess is one of the most creative people I know. I love her desire and ability to dive-in to new interests.  That inspires me to take the time to focus on some things that would really add to my life experiences. The way she embraces life and her surroundings is amazing!”

JF – “Not only is Jess really great at what she does, she’s also totally bad ass and super fun to be around. One-of-a-kind.”

RM – “Jess is that co-worker who you’re super glad to have on your team. And not just because she is awesome at her job — which she is — but because she is into ALL THE REALLY COOL NERDY STUFF. It is so much fun to be able to shift gears instantly from work to movies to videogames and back to work, all in the same conversation. She brightens up the day for everyone!”

AF – “Jess fills any room she’s in. You definitely notice when she’s not around… and then you’re sad. Always a great friend and teammate!”

AH – “Jess is such a great coworker.  Her laugh is infectious and she brings such a great outlook to the team.  Her work as a mentor to K-12 girls that are interested in Computer Science is so critical and I’m so thankful that she’s passionate about that!”

DTu – “I still remember the energy and passion when we first met in the Market shortly after you joined NewBoCo. I’m inspired by your constant drive to grow the tech community and all you do to strive towards equity, inclusion, and opportunity.”

JM – “I love how Jess is interested in everything! She has such a curious nature and will dig deep into the good stuff then share with others. A kind, generous person with an amazing work ethic. What else could you ask for in a teammate?!” 

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