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Our Events Coordinator celebrates a big event of her own!

Two years ago today, NewBoCo Events Coordinator Jourdan McChesney joined our team. She arrived just in time for EntreFEST 2019, and she’s played a huge role in keeping our programming going throughout the “virtual events” era of the pandemic. Now, as we’re gearing up for the return of in-person events with EntreFEST 2021, Jourdan is busier than ever. And if you’ve taken part in any of our programming over the past two years, from 1 Million Cups to ICR Agile, you can be sure that Jourdan had a big hand in it. If you’ve never met her, she’s easy enough to spot. Just look for the Red Sox hat!

“I met Jourdan on her first day when I was sticking pinwheels into the ground around NewBo for EntreFEST,” says NewBoCo Executive Director Aaron Horn.  She jumped right in to help, and she hasn’t stopped jumping in to help wherever she sees a need since.  She has been such a great contributor to our team!”

Aaron’s not the only one Jourdan’s made a big impact with. Here are just a few thoughts that her colleagues at NewBoCo had to share:

  • “Jourdan is always positive and looking to help out. She is consistently working from one project to the next. It’s inspiring to me to all that the good she adds to the people and events she is working.”
  • “Jourdan always has fun ideas to make our events a customized and exciting experience beyond the content.”
  • “Jourdan is a blast to have around and can throw one heck of a great event.”
  • “Jourdan always has a can-do attitude and is willing to jump in and figure stuff out! Pure Moxie in that one.”
  • “Jourdan is down to Earth and so easy to get along with. Also, a great person to reach out to if you’re overthinking Zoom-room hosting responsibilities, FYI.”
  • “Jourdan is fantastic to work with and give advice for coordinating events. I appreciate her easygoing attitude and willingness to help with any project. She’s organized, efficient, and overall just an amazing person.”
  • “Red Sox!  Red Sox!  Red Sox!!!!”
  • “There are many amazing things about Jourdan, but maybe one of the most impressive of all is her undying love and devotion for the New York Yankees. It’s amazing. Every day she is wearing pinstripes and talking about how she can’t wait to see them win yet another World Series, hopefully against those pesky Red Sox … oh. Wait. I think I have it backwards. I think she actually roots FOR the Red Sox. Shoot. Well, this is awkward. Fortunately, Jourdan is waaay better at organizing events and keeping us on task than I am at keeping my teams straight! Seriously, Jourdan is an amazing teammate. She’s so smart and amazing, in fact, that I am convinced that there has to be a Yankees fan in there, deep down.”
  • “Where did those two years go? Jourdan is a ray of sunshine – always joining us at our daily team meetings with a story or random thought. When she’s been asked to take on various event-specific roles (1MC/ICR Agile), she takes them on like a real champ….leading the Agile committee is no small feat. 2 years flies on by when you’re having fun! Congrats Jourdan!”
  • “Jourdan has done such an incredible job adapting all of our events to a virtual format during the pandemic! Her calm attitude and can do spirit are such assets to our team!”

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