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Ruthless Consistency: More than a Habit

On the third Wednesday of every month, the I Mostly Read It Book Club convenes to talk about a book that there is a decent chance not all of us read. But we are still ready to offer opinions on the topic! We designate a discussion leader to pick a book and help guide the rest of us as the

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How Deep Is Your Focus?

In June, the I Mostly Read it Book Club examined Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. So, in 2021, on the heels of a year-long pandemic, exploding social justice movements, and a tumultuous political landscape, she was again drawn to the book’s relevance. “I was reminded when I reread it about the ability

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John Foster and Molly Monk: Celebrating 5 Years with NewBoCo

Molly Monk and John Foster celebrate five years with NewBoCo

NewBoCo welcomed two key team members five years ago this week. Today? Both John Foster and Molly Monk say they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  “The last five years have been a wild ride,” says Molly, who currently serves as NewBoCo’s Assistant Director of Development. “It was on my birthday five years ago that Eric Engelmann called me and

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Jenn Joyce, David Tominksy, and Matthew Barnhart

Lucky Number Seven for NewBoCo’s David Tominsky

Today we’re saluting David “Old Man” Tominsky for a big anniversary. Of course, Old Man Tominsky isn’t actually an old man. However, seven years ago today, he started as one of the first people — we think he says he was “Employee 1” — at NewBoCo. So he’s definitely got an earned level of seniority on our team, and many

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2 children are seen engaging with a computer programming exercise by placing colored blocks in a peg board

How Tiny Techies is preparing our youngest students for computer science

Since all schools will be offering some form of Computer Science soon, we need to prepare our students so that they’re excited about learning this crucial subject. One way to do that is by introducing them to key Computer Science principles, such as creativity, looping, debugging, perseverance, and more, as early as possible. NewBoCo’s Tiny Techies curriculum does just this without having to put

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Our Events Coordinator celebrates a big event of her own!

Two years ago today, NewBoCo Events Coordinator Jourdan McChesney joined our team. She arrived just in time for EntreFEST 2019, and she’s played a huge role in keeping our programming going throughout the “virtual events” era of the pandemic. Now, as we’re gearing up for the return of in-person events with EntreFEST 2021, Jourdan is busier than ever. And if

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Celebrating five years with Keith Dahlby

Earlier this week, we celebrated the five-year anniversary of Jess Bertling joining NewBoCo. Another key member of our team is also celebrating five years with our team as of today: Keith Dahlby, our Software Architect and instructor with DeltaV Code School. Like Jess, Keith is one of the “OG”‘s of NewBoCo, having been with the organization since its earliest days.

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