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How Tiny Techies is preparing our youngest students for computer science

Since all schools will be offering some form of Computer Science soon, we need to prepare our students so that they’re excited about learning this crucial subject. One way to do that is by introducing them to key Computer Science principles, such as creativity, looping, debugging, perseverance, and more, as early as possible.

NewBoCo’s Tiny Techies curriculum does just this without having to put students in front of a computer.

Tiny Techies is designed to introduce students from PreK to 2nd grade to the (soon to be required) Computer Science education standards. Our training program equips teachers with the know-how and materials to offer this curriculum to their students – setting them up for success in all of their upcoming school years.  

With your help, we can train 150 teachers on how to teach Tiny Techies this year – impacting THOUSANDS of students.

To understand more about how Tiny Techies works, we sat down for a few questions with NewBoCo Director of Education Samantha Dahlby. Here’s what she had to say:

  • What content will you cover? How do you think Tiny techies is different from what’s already out there? 

SAMANTHA: The program includes activities to teach concepts like sequencing, decomposition, collaboration, pattern recognition, electricity, and hardware components in a fun and engaging way for some of our youngest learners. We are including some of the top resources available and pulling them together in a way that teachers can just start implementing.

We are also including, and continuing to add, different options to teach the same concepts because we know each child is different and may connect with different activities. For teachers looking to get started with computer science, but who are intimidated by coding or who just see the value in teaching these concepts away from a computer screen, Tiny Techies provides a set up lesson activities and training.

  • What role does Cubetto play within Tiny Techies and why did you choose it amongst all the other resources available?

SAMANTHA: I can’t express how excited I am to bring Cubetto to more teachers! It is by far one of my favorite robots for young students. Cubetto is included in our Tiny Techies program so that students can practice the skills they are learning through unplugged activities, but not need to be at a computer.

Cubetto is great for gross motor skill practice with our preschool students, but expands all the way to our older students by introducing functions, something I have not seen with other early learner robots! The story and mat options integrate literacy and tie into units that students may be learning about like the ocean or space.We have included Cubetto as a friendly introduction to coding for both students and teachers, that meets the needs of this age range in multiple ways.

Our goal is to never pass on the cost of professional development to educators, so we’re raising money to cover the cost for them. Please consider making a donation to Tiny Techies teacher training today!

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