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Lucky Number Seven for NewBoCo’s David Tominsky

Today we’re saluting David “Old Man” Tominsky for a big anniversary.

Of course, Old Man Tominsky isn’t actually an old man. However, seven years ago today, he started as one of the first people — we think he says he was “Employee 1” — at NewBoCo. So he’s definitely got an earned level of seniority on our team, and many of us look to him for leadership and advice.

As the Program Manager for the Iowa Startup Accelerator, David propelled entrepreneurship into people’s minds in fresh ways. He moved on to become the Managing Director of that arm of our business for a while before transitioning to his current role as our Chief Relationship Officer.

It would be almost impossible to quantify the impact he has had on NewBoCo and the people we serve. But our staff definitely had its own standing ovation for him today, as well as some words to share. It’s clear that he is a core part of the work we do:

“If there was one thing that I miss about being in the office, it would be seeing what tomfoolery David is up to. He always has a good story to share and can always boost the office moral with one of those epic kicks.”

“David was one of the first people I met when I moved to Cedar Rapids and I knew right away he was the right person to know in this town. David has had such a huge positive impact on NewBoCo over the past seven years. He’s a great leader, a strategic community builder, and an awesome human. I’m so glad he’s on our team!”

“Congrats on 7 years of high kicks and community building! The impact you’ve made and continue to make is big!”

“If you really want someone in your corner, look no further than David Tominsky, so NewBoCo is pretty lucky to have him in our corner. He’s always got a great attitude, he’s a huge asset to our Innovation team, and — most importantly — he would never, ever, ever hold a grudge about calling him Old Man Tominsky. In fact, I hear that he loves it and hopes that more members of his team start using that name. Seriously, it’s been great working with David and we owe him so much for where NewBoCo is today.”

“Wow, seven whole years! I’m very grateful for David’s enthusiasm for and dedication to entrepreneurship and education in our community. If you know David, you know he cares!”

“I like his beard. Just kidding… David and I go way back to the Guarantee Bank Building. He’s always got a positive attitude, and is ready to joke, even on the most annoying of situations.  He really is good at keeping an upbeat attitude.”

“Starting at NewBoCo when there were only three employees – one of which was Dave – is so hard to imagine at this point. And, what an amazing journey it’s been. Whether he’s handing out high-fives, sharing updates about his amazing sons/family, or helping design/create/spin-up a new programs for NewBoCo….there’s never a dull moment with Dave. He’s dedicated to living a life of meaning and his ongoing pride for the City of CR and the work we are doing at NewBoCo is fully evident.”

“David is one of the most caring and supportive people I have ever had the honor of working with. He expects a lot from people, but he also recognizes the humanity of people. That is a fabulous find in a leader. One of the reasons I wanted to join the team at NewBoCo was I knew David was a person I would enjoy learning from and with as we grew the business. He has not disappointed.”

Chief Relationship Officer, David Tominksy posts sticky notes to a wall as he leads a customer discovery workshop

“I am grateful for David’s leadership. He is like a bear–he can be soft and nurturing around his family, and fierce in their defense. It’s reassuring to be in the NewBoCo family.”

“I can’t believe it’s lucky number seven! David is a great connector; it seems like he knows everyone! He’s fun to chat with and is great to have around when you need someone to tell you that your idea sucks.


“David plays a huge role in making NewBoCo an incredible organization to work for. He adds support, smiles, and a positive outlook on projects. His ability to connect with people is incredible, and he adds valuable experience to our team.”

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