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Celebrating five years with Keith Dahlby

Earlier this week, we celebrated the five-year anniversary of Jess Bertling joining NewBoCo. Another key member of our team is also celebrating five years with our team as of today: Keith Dahlby, our Software Architect and instructor with DeltaV Code School.

Like Jess, Keith is one of the “OG”‘s of NewBoCo, having been with the organization since its earliest days. In addition to building code, he’s been a teacher, an advisor, and overall a huge asset to our growth. It’s impossible to sum up all he’s done in half a decade, so just like Jess, we’ll let his co-workers share exactly what makes Keith such an integral part of NewBoCo:

CB – Keith has an unparalleled attention to understanding his students learning needs, and thusly helping them through to the finish of their studies and even continues post DeltaV with contributing to employment successes.  He can not only React, but gits posh when he starts navigating the state of the rendered references while transferring props.

AF – Keith is the older brother I never wanted.

SD – Keith is the combination of insufferable and amazing. His expertise is unparalleled, and he is extremely dedicated to his students and providing quality work for our clients.

AH – Keith is truly unique and we are so fortunate to have him on our team. It is incredibly rare to find someone who is a technically amazing developer, a developer who understands startup business needs, someone who enjoys teaching, and someone who is GOOD at teaching that the students admire. With Keith, you find all of those traits in one person, which makes him such a powerful contributor to the success of our programs.

DT – our willingness to drop anything to lend a hand, spitball ideas, or even challenge me and point out why my idea needs further refinement before launch is appreciated. If rocking the boat makes those around you better, creates opportunities for learners, or is a disruptor for positive change you’re always at the ready.

The fact that I get to work with a Microsoft MVP, a group of the 127 best Microsoft Developer Technologies experts in the US. Yeah, that’s pretty sweet too.

ST – Mr. Keith Dahlby, the legend. A never-ending fountain of knowledge and patience, with the voice of an angel and literally the best Chris Traeger impression. It is truly an honor and inspiration to know him and to work alongside him.

AM – Keith is a personable, kind, and impressive. He seems to excel at any task and never seems too busy to help.

NA – Keith is one of the smartest people I know. He could be a huge jerk about that, but it turns out that he’s humble and gracious as well. That combination makes him a perfect mentor and co-worker. I aspire to be like Keith every day!

JM – Keith has trouble remembering my name, otherwise is a pretty solid dude. I love his passion for people and willingness to dive in and help figure things out even when they aren’t his focus area. 

Two NewBoCo employees site side-by-side, laptops open, collaborating on a project

RN – Keith’s laser focus is impressive to watch at work, but also makes him a perfect target for nerd sniping. Without him, how would we know who makes the best Euchre team? (Link for reference:

MM – I admire Keith’s dedication to his students and his willingness to work with anyone who needs tech help. Even if his Euchre spreadsheet has some questionable metrics, it’s such a treat to work with him!

RM – Keith has forgotten more about coding than I will ever know. A guy with that level of intelligence could intimidate the heck out of you. But Keith is incredibly approachable, patient, and funny, plus he can rock a guitar controller on “Rock Band” like you would not believe. His DeltaV students are lucky to have him, but as co-workers, we are lucky too!

JF – I’ve always admired Keith’s skill and know-how.  He also has a good sense of humor and is great fun to beat in cards.

DT – Queso Keith proves that one can, in fact, live off of chips, cheese, and real sugar Pepsi. Legend has it that he never really sleeps, he just waits for the next unsolvable problem just to prove he can do it. He’s been a little quiet lately as our Resident Slack Cop, but we do love him for keeping us in line. He’s always been a cheerleader for others which makes him a perfect teammate. He works to bring out the best in all of us and watching him do that for his students is truly inspiring.

JB – I’ve been lucky enough to work with Keith for over a decade (whoa!) and it’s really awesome to have him not only as a colleague but a close friend.  I really admire his commitment to his students, he’s taught me so much and I’m glad to see so many people getting to share the experience of learning from him. We’ve had a lot of fun times and solved some cool tech problems along the way!

JW – I appreciate that Keith is always willing to help.  He’ll take the time to translate complicated code talk for those of us on staff who do not speak that language. What I appreciate even more is how he remembers important pieces of the lives of those around him.  For example, he gave a little boy who loves cars the ride of his life when the new Tesla came to town. That ride is still a top memory for that boy. :slightly_smiling_face:

KB – Keith, slack police, NewBoCo Dad, expert coder – Keith wears all the hats and is a steady force around NewBoCo. His dev expertise goes unmatched and we are lucky to have his set of skills on our growing team!

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