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Our Careers

NewBoCo Diversity Statement

NewBoCo values diversity in entrepreneurship, innovation, and tech education within and connected to our ecosystem. We are committed to promoting and enhancing equity and inclusion in all of our programs and events. We believe the shared commitment to building a resilient ecosystem within a diverse environment fosters creativity and advances our community as a whole. Our ultimate goal is that diversity and inclusion, like innovation, is an unwavering, uncontestable part of the DNA of our organization.

K-12 Education Logistics Summer Assistant

This position would support NewBoCo’s K-12 Education programs along with the K–12 Education team leading up to, and during the summer months. This is a very fast paced, service focused team with opportunities to lead the implementation and expansion of local and statewide programs. The position would be part time with a maximum of 30 hours per week, with an estimated period of May through August. Potential for part-time hours or flexible schedule in May and August to accommodate school schedules and workshop needs.

Code School Teaching Assistant - DeltaV Code School

NewBoCo is looking for a Code School Teaching Assistant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to join our DeltaV teaching team.

Software Developer Apprentice

The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative, Inc. (“NewBoCo”) is looking for a Software Developer Apprentice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. NewBoCo will cover the tuition cost to attend DeltaV Code School (an Eligible Training Provider), valued at $20,000. Upon successful completion of the Department of Labor-recognized apprenticeship (which is competency-based, not time-based), the position will transition into a Junior Software Developer role whose primary responsibility will be to help design and develop applications for our customers. The Junior Software Developer role will also serve as a Teaching Assistant for DeltaV Code School 101-501 courses after successfully completing the 2020 courses. NewBoCo utilizes Agile Methodologies in software development, but previous experience with Agile is not required. You will work closely with our staff and customers in order to ensure we are delivering world class software as well as the best possible learning experience in the market for students in our unique adult code school.

Digital Marketing Developer Apprentice

Are you ready for a brand new and unique opportunity in Eastern Iowa?  Local Iowa City and Cedar Rapids-based companies are looking for Digital Marketing Developer Apprentices. The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative, Inc. (“NewBoCo”) is launching an innovative new Digital Marketing Developer curriculum and employers will either cover full or partial tuition cost to attend DeltaV Digital Marketing School (an Eligible Training Provider), valued at $20,000, or will pay an hourly wage while the Apprentice attends courses.

Code School Teaching Assistant

We’re looking for one or more teaching assistants to help us grow DeltaV in Cedar Rapids, Mount Pleasant, Davenport, and Mason City! This role is ideal for a recent college graduate or early career developer with a strong computer science background, and ideally with some formal or informal teaching experience. This is a hands-on role: you’ll get down and dirty with the code, working with the students on a daily basis to help them work through challenges and push them to get a strong understanding of modern software development practices.