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Master These Top Five Challenges in Intrapreneur Academy

After investigating feedback from graduation presentations, session feedback forms, and two alumni focus groups, we have narrowed down the top five challenges Intrapreneur Academy can help you master. Challenges ranging from perspective to planning to shifting the way you interact with systems are not easy to solve in a vacuum. This list focuses on the core challenges we can help

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Dan Tuuri

Celebrating DeltaV’s Dan Tuuri

One year ago today, NewBoCo welcomed Dan Tuuri to the team. Turns out that was a pretty good call. Dan came on board as an instructor for DeltaV. But pretty much right off the bat, we knew he was going to make an impact throughout the entire NewBoCo organization. Then again, how could he not? Anyone who works with Dan

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Intrapreneur Academy is a 12-month program full of informative workshops and thoughtful personalized coaching sessions. Participants enhance their understanding of organizational culture and their professional agility, as well as develop innovative and entrepreneurial methods for addressing internal challenges. These characteristics build an Intrapreneur. Intrapreneurs become cultural leaders within their organizations and are specifically prepared to address internal challenges in powerful

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I Mostly Read Think Again

We record each session of The “I mostly Read It” Book Club and use transcription software to best collect the ideas shared and discussed each week. It’s powerfully telling that, among the keywords the software identified in Think Again by Adam Grant, were humility, engaging, identity, agreements, questions, and conversation. These are rich and engaging themes in the book. What’s

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Ruthless Consistency: More than a Habit

On the third Wednesday of every month, the I Mostly Read It Book Club convenes to talk about a book that there is a decent chance not all of us read. But we are still ready to offer opinions on the topic! We designate a discussion leader to pick a book and help guide the rest of us as the

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How Deep Is Your Focus?

In June, the I Mostly Read it Book Club examined Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport. So, in 2021, on the heels of a year-long pandemic, exploding social justice movements, and a tumultuous political landscape, she was again drawn to the book’s relevance. “I was reminded when I reread it about the ability

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John Foster and Molly Monk: Celebrating 5 Years with NewBoCo

Molly Monk and John Foster celebrate five years with NewBoCo

NewBoCo welcomed two key team members five years ago this week. Today? Both John Foster and Molly Monk say they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  “The last five years have been a wild ride,” says Molly, who currently serves as NewBoCo’s Assistant Director of Development. “It was on my birthday five years ago that Eric Engelmann called me and

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