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STEM Gift Guide for Kids

The holidays are here! And as we all know, all of that jolly spirit comes with the dreaded “gift shopping,” too. But have no fear; NewBoCo is here!

We have curated a list of STEM toys and games suitable for elementary and middle school-aged kids that encourage open-ended play and support cognitive development, problem solving, and critical thinking. These gifts will keep kids learning and engaged all holiday break!

Snap Circuits

Ages: 8+

Snap Circuits introduce children to circuit boards. Kids can build almost anything and as their confidence builds, so will the complexities of their projects. There are a lot of options available based on your child’s age and interests.

Snap Circuits Jr.


Ages: 4+

Clixo are flexible and lightweight shapes with magnets that click together to make both 3D or 2D creations, encouraging imagination and creativity. There are several different kits based on your child’s age and interest. Clixo supports open ended play, with no wrong way to play.


Eureka Crate

Ages: 10+

A monthly subscription that sends projects through the mail that are curated for your child’s age and interest. Choose your plan, and Eureka Crate sends an innovative project with “the science principles behind real-world problems.”


LEGO Bricks

Ages: 4-99

Did you know that this classic toy is STEM-based? LEGO features open-ended play that supports your child’s imagination and creativity. We have linked a classic building box – perfect for a child just getting started on their LEGO adventure!

LEGO Classic Brick Box


Ages: All

There are a variety of books that are science themed, from fiction to nonfiction. There are activity books available, as well as “how to” for more interactive play. We have a small list for you to choose from!

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