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We’re Halfway There: ISA Week 7

[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″][text_output]Saturday marks the official midpoint for the ISA 2016 Cohort. We’re halfway to Launch Day!

This week kicked off with a FOCUS work session led by Keevin O’Rourke and Wes Merrill of Streamweaver. During this session, they shared tips from what they learned on how to validate or kill other business ideas quickly. No one knows early stage startups like the startups themselves, and these sessions are the beginning of a more formalized method for sharing information and advice between the teams in the cohort.

On Tuesday, Steve Shriver, CEO of EcoLips and co-owner of Brewhemia (a popular local coffee shop), led this week’s Founder Fireside. He talked to the teams about risk taking by relating his experience getting trapped while mountaineering in the Andes and launching POGO, a new product line.

Wednesday brought exciting surprises as the 2016 cohort continued their takeover of 1 Million Cups in Iowa City. Founder and CEO Jeff Hoffman was in the audience while Girls With Ideas pitched their progress. Impressed by their pitch, he connected with them afterwards.[/text_output][blockquote cite=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]“It was awesome to see good things happen for Girls With Ideas. It’s great supporting each other.”

Hang CTO Austin Benson[/blockquote][text_output]This week’s financial review panels harnessed the strength of the ISA mentor network. On Thursday, several select mentors with finance/accounting expertise worked with each team, reviewing and critiquing their financial models. In order to create a successful, sustainable business, teams need to develop sound financial models. These panels will continue throughout the remainder of the program to help the teams’ build stronger plans.[/text_output][blockquote cite=”” id=”” class=”” style=””]“Having other people’s eyes and expertise really helped us build our financial model. Knowing our numbers is encouraging.”

Written Apparel Vice President of Sales & Research and Development, Meegan Hoffmeister[/blockquote][text_output]With less than 50 days left till Launch Day, the team’s pace has dramatically increased. During the weekly cohort touchpoint, ISA Managing Director David Tominsky laid out upcoming events and focus changes for the second half of the program.

  1. Focus will strengthen on funding and financial models.
  2. ISA will travel outside of Cedar Rapids and build connections through a day in Des Moines and a trip to Denver for the Global Founders Rally.

[/text_output][text_output]1 Million Cups Schedule

Streamweaver and Written Apparel
Date: September 21st
Location: Geonetric Building, Cedar Rapids

AMP’d Cycles
Smart bicycles creating a safer experience for cyclists.

Asset Rover
Real estate investing simplified.

Girls With Ideas
Leadership development program for young females.

A mobile app that increases awareness of gatherings, hangouts, and local events to help users be more present in their lives and communities.

Influencer marketing platform for e-sports.

Creating a globally respected and desired fashion brand from Iowa.


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