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Intrapreneur Academy

In order for innovation to be repeatable and sustainable, companies need to build a culture that embraces experimentation and rapid iteration. There are numerous resources to guide startups through this process, but the same doesn’t exist for established organizations that are larger and further along.

Enter: the Intrapreneur!

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Building Intrapreneurs

Shifting a large organization’s strategy and mindset to be better able to capitalize on innovative new marketplace opportunities is a huge challenge that realistically takes years and continues indefinitely. It’s far easier for a startup to become innovative simply because they’re smaller and have fewer established practices.

That’s why we offer Intrapreneur Academy.

Allow us to introduce you to a different type of idea creator: an Intrapreneur. Intrapreneurs embody an innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit while working inside an established company to drive meaningful change.

Intrapreneur Academy is a training program to identify and support intrapreneurs. It is designed to help companies establish a baseline of their innovation efforts and identify opportunity areas to progress them. We want local companies to thrive in the face of upcoming economic changes, and in order to do that, they need to learn how to be innovative.

We have supported 15 organizations and more than 50 intrapreneurs through Intrapreneur Academy. We invite you to join the most innovative and entrepreneurial organizations in the area in boosting your organization’s capacity!


Intrapreneur Academy LogoIntrapreneur Academy participants construct innovation competencies through workshops, networking groups, guest speakers, offsite sessions, and outcomes-based applications of knowledge. We focus on four key components of high-performance, innovative organizations:

  • Agile
  • Methods
  • Culture
  • Strategy

View the full list of workshops.

Organizations have also benefited from tailoring the program to meet their needs. Workshops are available in an a la carte format. We determine pricing* based on the participants and approach you desire.

Connect with us below to discuss the right option for you and options to fund your team’s participation!

*Special pricing considered for nonprofit’s. Contact us for more information.

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Past Participant Organizations

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