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Innovation Accelerator

The Innovation Accelerator is a fully facilitated, off-site acceleration program, with a mentor network, prototyping lab, investment capital, and technical support to build both front- and back-end development, and more. For a minimum of 90 days – and up to a year – your team will work with ours, full-time, to develop, implement, and scale a high potential business opportunity. The acceleration comes from being immersed in the resources needed, and the facilitation from our team, to drive rapid learning in yours.

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Prioritize Good Ideas

When you’ve identified a viable idea to propel your business, you can’t afford to have it be a side project run by a subcommittee. Make it a priority by sending this team into a focused project to take it from mind to market. These emergent business opportunities can come from the Innovation Experience or organically from your organization.

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With your team in the accelerator, they will work in weekly iterations. They’ll test new ideas, identify and eliminate risks, and ultimately deliver a successful and viable new product or business opportunity back to your organization in full working order, ready to grow. While every situation is slightly different, we use the same type of resources that Iowa Startup Accelerator, our flagship program, has seen work successfully for over three years.

Your team might focus on:

  • Fully validating the business model and its market viability
  • Developing a researched business case for the product
  • Developing iterative prototypes for the product or service
  • Assessing scaling potential and go-to-market strategy
  • Developing marketing/sales plans and strategies
  • Implementing all the above

Learn how our Intrapreneur Academy can help your organization grow and flourish!

More Opportunities

Three Intrapreneur Academy attendees in business attire listen attentively to a fourth, who gesticulates while explaining themselves

Intrapreneur Academy

While NewBoCo is known for entrepreneurship, we’d like to introduce you to a different type of idea creator: an Intrapreneur. Our Academy will help identify and nurture your organization's intrapreneurs.

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Innovation Workshops

Innovation is about creating a discipline in your organization that is adaptive, responsive, and sustainable. Our workshops will empower you to do just that.

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Innovation Events