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Innovation Workshops

NewBoCo’s Innovation Workshops are both representative or our Intrapreneur Academy curriculum and available in an a la carte format. We offer workshops and webinars that emphasize our 4 aspects of innovation: Methods, Agile, Culture, and Strategy.

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It’s easy to talk about innovation, but harder to model innovative behaviors. Establishing the right behaviors, language and mentality across your teams will help increase accountability and trust across your organization. These tools work on softer skills and require a commitment to personal mastery and reflection from everyone.

Agile work practices are taking organizations dealing with and within the modern world by storm. While many of these are simple to understand from a theoretical perspective, getting traction and adoption can be challenging. The best place to start is to focus on the why of Agile.

How we feel while we work is just as important as the work we do. A culture of innovation is generated on multiple levels. This workshop guides you through these levels and provides two frameworks for you to diagnose your current culture, then build an action plan with measurable outcomes to construct or expand your culture of innovation.

Innovation is about more than just coming up with ideas and inventing new products. Most organizations don’t have an ideation problem, they have an execution problem. Innovation is about creating a discipline in your organization that is adaptive, responsive, and sustainable.

Any company, regardless of size, faces decisions about their future that will determine their success. This workshop is for anyone looking to learn skills in market research that will increase their effectiveness in implementing innovative practices and rolling out new products that fit market needs. This workshop will help you accelerate the process of exploring a new product or innovation and determining the potential scale of the opportunity while reducing the size of the investment required to determine the viability of the business offering.

Kodak was once a Wall Street darling, raking in more than $10 billion in sales at its peak and with 120,000 employees. The company built the first digital camera prototype, but failed to capitalize on it, and subsequently sold off its patents and filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012. The very same month, Facebook plunked down $1 billion for Instagram – and its 13 employees. What causes companies to fail to keep their dominant marketplace position? What strategies enable disruptors to achieve success? We will explore examples of disruption to glean insights into how we can ensure our companies can leverage change to become stronger and avoid being disrupted.

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