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This program is fully funded through CS PD Week. Submit your priority registration by May 5, 2023!

Start Your Journey on the Right Foot

The Computer Science Fundamentals introduction and deep dive workshops include facilitation, curriculum guide, and ongoing support. Participants will see lessons modeled and have time to explore additional lessons for their grade. The curriculum courses allow for flexible implementation, and facilitators will help participants consider how they will implement the content.

Fundamentals Intro workshops introduce the K–5 curriculum and implementation options. Fundamentals Deep Dive workshops are available as a next step to go deeper into curriculum planning. Both workshops can be used by K–5 classroom teachers or out-of-school educators.

During the summer of 2023, we are partnering with the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa AEAs to provide Computer Science Professional Development Week for Iowa Educators. CS PD Week will be June 12-16th at the University of Northern Iowa. Organizers are working to take away common barriers for this in-person event, including providing stipends, lodging and several meals during the week.

CS Fundamentals workshops can be customized for your school, district, or community needs. Workshops can be scheduled throughout the school year with a minimum of 10 participants, or teachers can join mixed district workshops typically scheduled in June and August. If you represent a district with at least 10 participants or are a teacher who wants to participate in a mixed district workshop, contact us!

Persistence and Collaboration

K–5 students will experience lessons both at and away from computers. They will create computer programs that will help them learn to collaborate with others, develop problem-solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks. They will study programming concepts, computational thinking, digital citizenship, and develop interactive games or stories they can share.

Hear from Real Teachers

Join dozens of teachers like you for a fun, collaborative, and fully funded learning experience!

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