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Tiny TechiesSM

Integrate into Literacy, Math, and More

There are so many opportunities for kids to experiment and play with technology, but preparing students to be creators instead of consumers doesn’t only happen in front of a computer! Tiny TechiesSM will help students build computational thinking and problem-solving skills, be creative, and practice working together. In an increasingly technology-driven world, these are all skills that will help them as they grow and prepare for jobs that don’t yet exist. The best part is that we’ll do this through hands-on activities that will get them moving, building, and thinking!

We are partnering with the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa AEAs to expand our CS PD Week this year and provide free, high-quality professional development in Iowa! Please fill out this interest survey to let us know what sort of professional development opportunities you are interested in and programs you would like to see offered.

Tiny Techies
A NewBoCo instructor guides kindergarteners through a Tiny Techies activity building devices using markers and plastic cups

Our Tiny Techies professional development supports PreK–2nd-grade teachers with training on foundational computer science concepts and how they relate to some of our youngest learners. You will experience engaging lessons that can tie into other content areas and help students become creative problem solvers.

Included lesson materials:

Tiny Techies students cheer around a table lined with project materials
2 Tiny Techies teachers hold up pieces of paper decorated with marker, pipe cleaners, and colored cotton

Example activities:

"Tiny Techies is the course that will help transform your teaching to the next level. You will be immersed with the skills to be a superhero computer science teacher! I highly recommend every preschool through second grade teacher to experience it! It totally changed my teaching and it empowered my students to be creators, communicators, collaborators, and problem solvers. Tiny Techies promotes engagement of all levels of learners and provides differentiation with a positive impact on students. This course is summed up best by Benjamin Franklin: Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."
Tiny Techies
Lori Randall
2nd Grade Osage CSD, 2021 participant

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