custom professional development

custom professional development

Our Custom Professional Development is available to help support your building’s or district’s computer science implementation. We are happy to help your teachers go deeper into computer science implementation, support creating a customized pathway, or integrate computer science into other content areas. Our staff will work with you to understand your current computer science curriculum, help to determine the sort of support you are looking for, and to create a tailored PD plan that fits your unique situation.


Funding through Iowa’s Computer Science Professional Development Incentive Fund can also be used for all of our computer science professional development options. Please reach out to NewBoCo or your local AEA representative to learn more.

Examples of our previous work:

  • Presenting to Marshalltown, Fort Madison, and Osage teachers about the “why” of computer science, what it is, and why it is important for all students in Iowa.
  • Partnered with Great Prairie AEA to provide three workshops throughout the year around K–8 computer science, integration examples with core content areas, and implementation paths for districts to be aware of.
  • Supported Fort Madison’s Computer Science Cohort to deepen their connections to core content areas and create an onboarding plan for training more teachers on computer science education and integration.
  • Worked with grade bands in Osage to make connections to core content areas and learn and practice ways to expand engagement through lessons and student projects already happening throughout the year.

Contact to setup a time to discuss a Custom PD Plan that’s right for you.

More info:

Why computer science in iowa?

NewBoCo is the designated provider of Professional Learning Programs in Iowa. Our role includes providing quality professional development to educators through local school district partnerships and acting as a regional hub of the global computer science education movement. NewBoCo will work with schools and provide networking and collaboration events for computer science teachers.

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osage school district case study

Learn about our partnership with and our impact on Osage Community Schools through our computer science curriculum. Both teachers and students have learned coding skills to build better futures.

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Interested in more resources to encourage your students along? Check out our Computer Science Resources page!

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