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Explore Technology's Impact on the World

Computer Science Principles (CSP) introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. The AP Program designed AP Computer Science Principles with the goal of creating leaders in computer science fields and attracting and engaging those who are traditionally underrepresented with essential computing tools and multidisciplinary opportunities.

The Computer Science Principles Professional Learning Program includes 9 days of facilitation, curriculum guide, ongoing support, and stipends for each workshop day. During the 5-day summer workshop, participants will engage with the curriculum to prepare for the beginning of the school year, and discuss best practices and how to create a supportive classroom.

During the academic year workshops, participants will experience upcoming lessons in the curriculum before they teach them, connect with their cohort to share how their implementation is going, and discuss instructional practices to support them.

This year-long course can be taught as an AP or non-AP course. No prerequisites are required for students or for teachers new to computer science! In addition,’s curriculum is available at no cost, for anyone to teach.

During the summer of 2023, we are partnering with the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa AEAs to provide Computer Science Professional Development Week for Iowa Educators. CS PD Week will be June 12-16th at the University of Northern Iowa. Organizers are working to take away common barriers for this in-person event, including providing stipends, lodging and several meals during the week.

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Challenge and Explore

Students are introduced to the foundational concepts of computer science and challenged to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. More than a traditional introduction to programming, it is a rigorous, engaging, and approachable course that explores many of the foundational ideas of computing so all students understand how these concepts are transforming the world we live in.

Hear from Real Teachers

“I was very apprehensive about teaching computer science going into the training. The training not only gave me confidence in teaching computer science, but it helped show me how accessible it is to everyone. Computer science is way more than programming, it is teaching students how to think critically, creatively, and collaboratively.”
Rob C.
2018-19 participant, Spirit Lake, IA

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