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AI Professional Development

This program is fully funded through STEM Scale-Up awards. Submit your application by February 28, 2024!

AI for Your Classroom

Elementary-aged students gather around computers at NewBoCo while a volunteer teaches them about programming.

Join us for this online institute as an introduction to what artificial intelligence (AI) is and how it can relate to your students. In this blended model, participants will hear from IBM AI subject matter experts and MindSpark Learning facilitators on the resources for learning the basics about AI that can be easily integrated into the classroom. You will meet virtually to discuss applications of AI and Machine Learning concepts in K–12 classrooms and develop a lesson plan to implement.

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, demand for Artificial Intelligence specialists grew 74% over the last five years. Iowa is an emerging leader in the Midwest for computer science education, and exposing students to different facets of this field will support their learning, regardless of their career path. The IBM AI Education experience was designed to give all educators the knowledge and confidence to bring foundational AI concepts into their K–12 classroom, regardless of their grade level or subject matter.

Nine different AI topics are offered through online modules. Watch all nine and have the opportunity to earn your IBM AI Education Badge!

AI for K–12 Educators is a 2024 STEM Scale-Up program.
We expect most workshops to be offered through the STEM Scale-Up Program between July 15th and August 10th, 2024!

Apply for an award to cover costs through the Iowa STEM Scale-Up Program.
Award Provides:

  • One 8hr in-person PD (required)
  • Three 2-hr synchronous virtual sessions
  • Six 1-hr asynchronous virtual modules
  • (Awardees must attend the initial in-person PD + at least 7 hours of virtual sessions to receive credit and stipend)
  • Book: Machine Learning for Kids: A Project-Based Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Access to numerous online resources and lessons to teach about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

● Relicensure credit and/or grad credit is available through the AEA

● Credit registration information and assignments will be described at the start of class

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A Little About Our Partners



IBM has been a leading American technology company for more than 100 years. Its services and products have ranged from personal computers, to the SQL programming language, to cloud computing, to artificial intelligence and machine learning. IBM has been working on AI technologies since the 1950’s, and has now partnered with MindSpark to bring AI technologies into K–12 classrooms.


“Education is the greatest and most foundational problem-solving mechanism that exists in society. MindSpark programs deliver extraordinary professional learning experiences for educators, the community, and industry partners who then take their new skills back to the classroom and beyond.”

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