Intrapreneur Academy: Culture Recap

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This quarter of Academy was all about how to build a culture that fosters innovation. What are the main factors that impact an innovative culture? A culture based on trust instead of fear A strategic commitment to innovation Shared language for innovation across all levels of the organization The space and resources for all employees to engage in collaboration, creativity, ... Read More

I Don’t Think it’s Agile you Hate

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I have a lot of great memories of my grandmother. She was kind, extremely patient, and a wonderful role model. In addition to those more intangible qualities, she also baked a mean cookie. When I’d visit her, if I caught that heavenly scent as I approached the front door, I knew it was going to be a good day. She … Read More

Intrapreneur Academy: Introduction to Innovation Tools and Methods Recap

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Academy’s second quarter is all about being able to take the Agile mindset cohort members explored in Academy Quarter One: Agile, and put it into action. The second quarter focuses on tools and methods organizations can use to make idea generation and prioritization a repeatable process. Teams in this cohort learned a variety of tools, methods, and processes, met with ... Read More

Guest Blog: My Experience with the Iowa Startup Accelerator

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A headshot of LendEDU CEO Nate Matherson

Guest Blogger: LendEDU CEO and ISA 2014 Alumni Nate Matherson If you’re a startup founder, you’ve probably had lots of people tell you how important it is to apply to an accelerator. Not only do they often provide you with funds for your business, but they do something far more valuable – they connect you with the expertise necessary to help … Read More

NewBoCo’s Five Year Plan

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This is the third post in a series about NewBoCo’s plans for 2022. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. NewBoCo staff heading into the neighborhood for a community event. We’re extremely proud of the bold work that NewBoCo has done over the past three years to support entrepreneurship, education, and innovation. We’ve laid a lot of the groundwork necessary to help our community ... Read More

10 Easy Ways to Not Be a Creep at a Networking Event

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Like almost everyone else on this planet, I hate networking. Networking is really easy to hate on because it combines so many things that make us feel uncomfortable: small talk, asking for favors, building superficial connections, talking about ourselves in a positive manner, and more. For me, I hate networking because I spend most of my time trying to let ... Read More

Building Regional Networks: Week 11 Review

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There’s less than one month until Launch Day! This week, the Iowa Startup Accelerator 2016 Cohort focused on community building and Launch Day pitch prep. Over the past few weeks, the cohort and Iowa Startup Accelerator staff have traveled to other startup and business communities to build their networks and develop regional connections. They traveled to Denver for the Global ... Read More

Manufacturing Innovation Summit

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We’re excited. Our second innovation summit is Friday, March 25. Manufacturing and engineering startups and industry experts will come together for a day of collisions between the seasoned and the startups. The first innovation summit was an experiment and the results proved successful. Thirty industry experts heard what startups in the food and agricultural worlds were working, and the startups ... Read More

8 Companies Launch from the 2015 Cohort of the Iowa Startup Accelerator

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8 Companies Launch from the 2015 Cohort of the Iowa Startup Accelerator Media Contact Jessalyn Holdcraft, Marketing & Communications Coordinator Cedar Rapids, IA, November 5, 2015 8 Companies Launch from the 2015 Cohort of the Iowa Startup Accelerator Flowers, taxis, golfers, caregivers, piglets, music, nonprofits, oh my! Iowa Startup Accelerator’s eight teams launched tonight with about 900 of their … Read More