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ISA 2014 teams exceed $1 million in funds raised

Today marks a huge milestone for ISA and for last year’s teams! As of July 31, the teams from Iowa Startup Accelerator’s 2014 Cohort have raised $1.065 million, mostly from private investors. A few have also received funds from programs led by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Nine of the ten startups are still active, and they’re executing their plans nicely. Most of the companies have released new iterations of their products, and have paying customers, while others are approaching important milestones in getting their products to market. Some of the teams’ progress is well-publicized, while other teams prefer to keep their developments closer to their vest until they’re ready to provide details. One upcoming example is next week: Blake Rupe, founder of Sift, a recycling app startup from Iowa City, will be presenting at 1 Million Cups at Film Scene in Iowa City next Wednesday, August 5th at 8AM, with details on her business.

The teams report data to ISA quarterly, but sometimes more often, as we work closely together to help them succeed. ISA, in turn, posts a summary of this data publicly on the website.

Kudos to these teams – they’re an inspiration as the 2015 teams arrive, and hope for similar success!

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