Hardware Prototyping & Engineering Services

NewBoCo offers hardware prototyping & engineering services for missionally-aligned projects.We’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the past few years, and one of the most challenging parts of building a business is the ability to prototype a product, including building early versions of hardware, software, and virtual reality products. Examples of the types of clients we work with are members of Vault Coworking and Iowa Startup Accelerator teams and organizations that focus on education, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship. Below is the list of services that we offer:

  • 3D Printing: Design and print a prototype of your product.
  • Virtual Reality: Develop VR applications for your industry.
  • Augmented Reality: Develop AR applications for your industry.
  • Electronics: Develop the power center of your prototype.
  • Laser Cutter: Design and craft a prototype of your product.
  • Soldering: Craft and connect your prototype.

We charge a reasonable rate for these services in order to foster business growth. We do offer discounted rates for qualifying nonprofits, startups, and partner organizations.

Our past clients and members include:

  • SwineTech (startup) - prototyping initial versions of the product, engineering
  • MobileM2M (Vault member) - hardware and software engineering
  • GOVRED (startup) - developing VR applications for police training
  • Soteria Bicycles (startup) - hardware and software engineering
  • Iowa BIG / National Czech and Slovak Museum (partner organizations) - developing VR applications for the museum

Interested in working with us on your next engineering project?

If you need hands-on engineering or software development help to build your product, our staff time is available on an hourly basis.

Contact us for more information:

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Lab Equipment

Type Model Primary Use
Headset Microsoft Hololens Experiencing augmented reality environments
Headset HTC Vive Experiencing fully immersive VR worlds
Workstations Two custom-build workstations with GTX 1070 GPUs Developing complex AR/VR applications
Facility Full green-screen studio Shooting video with visual effects applied in post-production
Viewer Vigica Viewer Inexpensive holder for phone-based VR
Viewer Google Cardboard Inexpensive holder for phone-based VR

Prototyping Lab Equipment

Type Model Primary Use
3D Printer Lulzbot Taz 6 (2x) Rapidly prototyping engineered parts, for example, plastic casing for a hardware device
3D Printer FlashForge Creator Rough prototyping of engineered parts
3D Printer Hictop Prusa Rough prototyping of engineered parts
Laser Cutter Full Spectrum Laser H-Series 20×12. Cutting and engraving various materials
3D Scanner Matter and Form MFS1V1 Digitally importing handmade prototypes; rescaling existing parts
Power Supply BK Precision 9110 Powering your hardware prototypes (multi-range 100 W within 60V / 5A)
Power Supply BK Precision 1692 Powering your hardware prototypes (variable output 3V to 15V at 40A)
Oscilloscope OWON DS8204 Measure frequency, noise, amplitude of an electrical signal; troubleshooting
Signal Generator FeelTech FY3200S Generating different waveforms for electronic circuits
Pick & Place CirQoid PCB Router Automatically routing printed circuit boards (PCBs); picking and placing discrete components on the PCBs.
Soldering Iron 3x AOYUE Int 968A+ Primarily thru-hole soldering of discrete components in PCBs
Solder Pot SMTmax ML-52T5 For soldering many thru-hole components on one PCB at a time
IC Heater/Reflow Oven Puhui T-962A For soldering many surface mount components on one PCB at a time, or rework