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"Go to Market" Services

NewBoCo offers a suite of services we’ve dubbed “Go To Market” Services. Our team will help you develop a strategy to take your big idea to market successfully or optimize already-existing markets. Offerings include copywriting, graphic design, marketing services, WordPress development, videography, and more!


Our Services

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  • Copyediting: Our editors have experience reviewing content from a variety of industries and adhering to MLA, AP, Chicago, and in-house style guides.
  • Copywriting: Our writers have experience crafting press releases, blog posts, web copy, and print copy for a variety of industries.
  • Event planning: Our event planners have experience coordinating events at venues across Eastern Iowa and the state of Iowa for audiences ranging in size from 12-12,000 attendees.
  • Graphic design: Branding, slide deck templates (PowerPoint), logo creation, white papers, document templates, and marketing materials. We have experience using Adobe Creative Cloud products (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop).
  • Marketing Services: strategy though market research, experimentation, content creation, and data analysis
  • Licensing existing NewBoCo photos/video footage: We take a lot of photos and video at our events and in the community. We have the option for you to purchase hi-res images or video footage that we have already created for a flat fee. We retain the copyright and grant you free use of the creative collateral upon purchase.
  • Photography: Event photography, headshots, and photo editing.
  • Videography: Capturing video at events, creating product videos, voiceovers, and video development.
  • WordPress Development: Webpage development with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

We charge a reasonable rate for these services in order to foster business growth. We offer discounted rates for qualifying nonprofits, startups, and partner organizations.

Past Clients

  • Aaron Proietti (author) – copyediting
  • Axis-U (startup) – WordPress development focused on building a Learning Management System (LMS), copywriting, copyediting
  • Be Leaderly (Vault member) – graphic design (white paper, marketing materials, branding)
  • Cargofy (startup) – headshots
  • Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival (non-profit) – Marketing and web consulting
  • Converge Consulting (Vault member) – graphic design
  • Czech Village-New Bohemia District (SSMID) – graphic design, photography (annual report)
  • McNary Marketing (startup) – graphic design, branding, illustration
  • MobileM2M (Vault member) – graphic design (white paper)
  • Stratafolio (startup) – video development/production (product video)
  • TuitionFit (startup) – Marketing strategy, copywriting, copyediting, photography, videography, WordPress development

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More Services

Two NewBoCo employees site side-by-side, laptops open, collaborating on a project

Software Development

We are a team of builders, dedicated to helping you create the first version of your product, get your first customers using it, and then, when you're ready, transition that to your internal team.

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NewBoCo UX designer, Jess Bertling, prototypes a VR goggle experience in a dark room

Hardware Prototyping + Engineering

NewBoCo offers hardware prototyping + engineering services for mission-aligned projects. One of the most challenging parts of building a business is the ability to prototype a product, including building early versions of hardware, software, and virtual reality products. We've got you covered.

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