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Gathered around a table, a NewBoCo program leader guides teachers through a activityEducator Outcomes: The Computer Science A Professional Learning program fee** includes 2 days of virtual onboarding and 11 days of instructor-led facilitation, curriculum guide, ongoing support, and stipends for each workshop day. Professional development options are available to support teachers with and without experience using the Professional Learning Program. Focus will be placed on content knowledge with Java for this AP course and supporting teachers during their first year of implementation.

Student Outcomes: In’s Computer Science A (CSA), students learn object-oriented programming using Java. Students take on the role of software engineers, and practice skills that are used in the field. The curriculum for CSA is designed for any high school student who wishes to continue their computer science education after completing an introductory course such as Computer Science Discoveries (CSD) or Computer Science Principles (CSP) .’s curriculum will cover the content defined in the College Board framework for the AP CSA exam.

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**Funding through the Computer Science Professional Development Incentive Fund can be used for any of our computer science professional development options!

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Curated Professional Development

We partner with, government agencies, and educational institutions to offer a wide variety of practical and powerful computer science professional development opportunities for teachers. Often, there are grants or other funding options available!

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Custom Professional Development

We can craft a custom professional development package with options tailored to your classroom and district.

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