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Hardware Engineering + Prototyping

NewBoCo has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in the past few years, and one of the most challenging parts of building a business is the ability to prototype a product, including building early versions of hardware, software, and virtual reality products. Examples of the types of clients we work with are members of Vault Coworking and Iowa Startup Accelerator teams and organizations that focus on education, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship.


Our Services

  • 3-D Printing: Design and print a prototype of your product.
  • Augmented Reality: Develop AR applications for your industry.
  • Electronics: Develop the power center of your prototype.
  • Laser Cutter: Design and craft a prototype of your product.
  • Soldering: Craft and connect your prototype.
  • Virtual Reality: Develop VR applications for your industry.

We charge a reasonable rate for these services in order to foster business growth. We offer discounted rates for qualifying nonprofits, startups, and partner organizations.

Past Clients

  • GOVRED (startup) – developing VR applications for police training
  • Iowa BIG / National Czech and Slovak Museum (partner organizations) – developing VR applications for the museum
  • MobileM2M (Vault member) – hardware and software engineering
  • Soteria Bicycles (startup) – hardware and software engineering
  • SwineTech (startup) – prototyping initial versions of the product, engineering

Stories: SwineTech

A photo of SwineTech's wearable device for hogsAmy Diluna of NBC interviewed Matthew Rooda, the then-23-years-old co-founder of SwineTech in 2017. They discussed SwineTech’s origins, priorities, and the technology which NewBoCo helped prototype. Matthew and his co-founder, Abraham Espinoza, also participated in Iowa Startup Accelerator in 2015. The support they received there prepared SwineTech for the success it now enjoys. Read the story!

Interested in Working with Us on Your Hardware Project?

More Services

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Software Development

We are a team of builders, dedicated to helping you create the first version of your product, get your first customers using it, and then, when you're ready, transition that to your internal team.

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"Go to Market" Services

NewBoCo offers a suite of services we dub "Go to Market" Services. Services include WordPress development, marketing strategy, photography, copywriting, copyediting, graphic design, videography, and event planning, as well as custom opportunities to fit your needs.

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