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Planning for Now AND the Future

While many organizations adapt to the current situation, there is growing recognition that what served us pre-pandemic may not be what makes our organization stronger post-pandemic.  Consider the opportunities this mindset brings.

Most of us are in this scenario: We had a plan.  It was a good one.  We had our 2020 and maybe even 2021 vision mapped out.  Then, a pandemic hit and we are still accommodating active and ongoing changes as a result.  Can we even begin to plan for now, let alone the future?

Yes. We Can.

Chances are, your team is doing just fine. They are scanning the environment, pivoting like champs, and keeping your organization going.  But they are hungry for a map of the way forward.  We can help you provide this for them without taking them off-task for long periods of time.

In Mid-May we hosted a two-day session with members of a local nonprofit in a virtual environment to create that path for their organization.  The gathered team looked at the current responses to the pandemic and what they needed to do and they looked to the future of what was possible and needed.  What they developed was a vision for their future.

In this three-phase process, we began with a survey of almost 40 stakeholders to gather input and ideas. We analyzed that data for them and developed key themes and ideas to prime the conversations.  We then spent four short blocks of time with a cross-organizational team supporting a review of their mission, values, beliefs and developed focus areas to support their continued health.  Following that, we packaged the findings creating an implementation guide for them to use to develop the detailed plans for the items they want to tackle now, and the roadmap for future efforts.

Our client left this process truly excited about what they had created!  They had a mission statement that reflected where their organization has evolved to, clarity in their values and beliefs, and a vision for where to focus in the near term with 11 unique focus areas supported by defining objectives organized by priority.  The playbook they have in hand provides them with a method to measure progress, quickly review where they are and where to go next and a process to update this vision whenever they deem it necessary. We feel privileged to be part of the work they created and cannot wait to see where they go with it.

Our Visioning Session is an action-oriented process designed to give you the tools and information you need to restore that sense of vision, purpose, and connection to forward momentum we all crave right now. Plus, all you need to do is share the ideas in the first two phases. We do all the facilitating, data compilation, analysis, and formatting for you.  This allows your team to continue to act tactically in parallel to this planning and immediately begin to integrate the actions from this work into their routines.

Strategically reviewing your current and future vision objectively supports building resiliency to the changing economic times we find ourselves in. We can help.  Email to set up your free consultation now.

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