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Celebrating 5 years of Kaitlin Byers on our team

Today we celebrate our Director of Development, Kaitlin Byers. She joined our organization 5 years ago and the impact she has made on our organization, and all of us as a staff, is HUGE. Kaitlin has an amazing energy that makes us all better people and our organization stronger every day. Kaitlin’s efforts to develop sponsors, donors and grants for NewBoCo directly impact our ability to achieve our mission.  And she does it all with a smile backed by ferocious determination. 

A few words we think describe Kaitlin: 

“Interacting with Kaitlin is like getting an energy boost every time!  She is full of enthusiasm and it makes her the perfect fundraiser for our nonprofit because she gets excited about our mission and our programs and it’s infectious!  And it isn’t always easy. Time and again Kaitlin has pushed through as her job oscillates from the lows of unexpected rejection to the highs of unexpected big wins.”

“Kaitlin achieves a remarkable balance of kindness AND determination. She is a brave and kind leader AND she’s feisty, fiery, and ready to take on the world! To the point that some would ‘follow her on any adventure she leads!’  And they do!”   

“Kaitlin played a huge role in why I’m now part of the NewBoCo team. I’d already known Kaitlin for years through her volunteer work with Theatre Cedar Rapids, but when an opening came up at NewBoCo, she reached out to me, talked up the team, encouraged me to apply, and was incredibly welcoming.”

“Kaitlin works tirelessly for NewBoCo and is an inspiration to the rest of us, but she’s also a great friend, wonderful mom, and just a good person to be around. We are so lucky to have her here!”

Cheers to your five-year workiversary, Kaitin. We are so excited to continue to lead world-changing ideas with you! 

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