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Celebrating Jennifer Murphy’s NewBoCo workiversary

“Like great leaders, Jennifer leads by example.”

“She proposes solutions to problems in a thoughtful way.”

“She is such a bright light in this world!

When we realized that we were coming up on one year with the amazing Jennifer Murphy here at NewBoCo, we quietly asked around the team to see what people had to say. Their responses paint a clear picture: This is someone who, in just 12 months (half of which were during a pandemic, btw), has made a massive impact on not just our programs, but our people.

Jennifer joined NewBoCo last September as the Director of Innovation Services. She coordinates our Interpreneur Academy, runs programs like our Innovation Coffee, and generally is at the forefront of encouraging creative, problem-solving thinking for our team and for others who work with NewBoCo.

But she’s also one heck of a cool person to hang out with.

And she cares about her team. Multiple staff members here at NewBoCo pointed out how since the beginning of the pandemic, Jennifer has been regularly checking in on her colleagues, doing what she can to keep their spirits up. She does far more for NewBoCo

than just what’s in her job description, and if you are lucky enough to get to work with her, you’ll see what we mean.

We could go on and on about the things Jennifer does for us, but it’s probably easier to just let her teammates speak for themselves. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Jennifer has been such a wonderful addition to the NewBoCo team!! She has quite literally transformed our innovation programming in all the best ways possible! Her ability to work with anyone and everyone is truly an asset to our organization. She is such a bright light in this world and oh so intelligent!”
  • “Jen cares about what she creates and the people she is creating it for; it shows through all the work she puts into everything she does. She successfully navigates her way through the value chain of NewBoCo, and I am always grateful to hear her perspective and for her sharing her heuristics.”
  • “I love the energy and new perspectives she brings to NewBoCo. I’ve loved working with her as she’s evolved the Academy to what it is now.”
  • “She’s a thoughtful person to work with.  She’s always so great about being organized, polite and professional.  But beyond that, she’s always looking for solutions.  Plus I think she’s a super cool fun person.”
  • “I love her honest opinions and how she proposes solutions to problems in a thoughtful way.”
  • “I most appreciate her humor and warmth. Very positive and uplifting person.”
  • “I think Jen’s military background gives us a perspective that we need to keep considering for so many projects.  She’s straightforward and fun to work with.”
  • “She keeps us grounded, reminding us and docusign of the “people side” of things: DEI, mental health, connecting with each other.”
  • “Jennifer has been super helpful throughout our DeltaV Career Coaching curriculum, assisting with resume review, interview coaching and general not-instructor support for students in a difficult time.”
  • “I love Jennifer’s ever-present sense of calm and kindness. It’s such an asset during chaotic times!”
  • “Every conversation I’ve had with Jennifer has been so insightful. She’s the type of gal you want in your “toolbox” to bounce ideas/thoughts off of. Looking forward to many more great conversations!”
  • “Jennifer is a champion of personal innovation! She always strives to help people improve their mindset in ways that are often overlooked.”
  • “Jennifer has a “people first” approach, which really has a positive impact on NewBoCo’s clients, students, partners, and staff.  It’s very obvious that she cares about relationships and people really appreciate and respond to that.”
  • “Murph operates in a No-BS Zone and knows how to GSD. She is an amazing leader helping us all become the best possible version of ourselves.”
  • “Jennifer is thoughtful and kind. She puts incredible thought into her work to provide meaningful perspective. She always cares for the team and the people we are supporting.”
  • “One of the things I really like about Jennifer is how she never hesitates to change course or learn something new. Bonus that she likes to pass knowledge on to others or take you along for the ride.”
  • “Jennifer has been kind, generous, and uplifting company for the many years I’ve known her, and a valuable and insightful resource through my time in DeltaV.I remember with admiration her ability to frame situations in a way that lifts people up and highlights their accomplishments rather than their shortcomings. Like great leaders, Jennifer leads by example.”

Here’s to many more years with Jennifer on our team. We’re so grateful that she’s here!

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