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Robbie Nesmith One Year Workiversary!

On September 16th, one of the superstars of the NewBoCode team, Robbie Nesmith, celebrates one year with NewBoCo.

Robbie joined the team last year as a software developer, and immediately demonstrated how curious, engaged, and hardworking he is! He is known for his ability to create just about anything in our prototyping lab and his amazing sense of humor. Not to mention he is an amazing software developer who dives into every new project with enthusiasm and willingness to figure it out and deliver the best product possible to our clients.

Our staff had some great observations and experiences to share from the past year of working with Robbie and definitely share his love of wit and wisdom.

Robbie really loves the 3D printer and laser cutter in our building. But his passion doesn’t stop there and this is what our staff had to say about his tinkerer/maker spirit:

  • Robbie’s first week on the job, I was chatting with other folks in his pod and I brought up something super nerdy about videogames and without missing a beat, this guy who I didn’t even know was right there with details. I immediately knew this would be a valuable member of the team. Since then, Robbie’s always been helpful to everyone at NewBoCo, whether it’s helping to set up for an education event or running a laser engraver to make awards for a fellow nonprofit. Also, I enjoy that sometimes people still keep mixing us up because we have the same name. Can’t think of a better guy to be mistaken for. Glad he’s here!
  • I love Robbie’s maker spirit, and his imagination. He makes some crazy awesome things just for the fun of it.
  • I love that he’s a tinkerer like me and has a digital “fireplace” to warm his desk.
  • I recently tossed out an idea and it was awesome when he jumped in with 10 other ideas and offered to help. I can’t wait to get to work with him more.
  • I still remember how his eyes lit up when he got the 3D printer and laser cutter to work.
  • Robbie is so creative and curious and always ready to dive into a new project, especially if it involves small electronics or the laser cutter.
  • I am fascinated by 3-D printers and had been quite eager to make use of the ones in the 415. Robbie was the individual I was told to consult — “the expert”.
  • Robbie likes to experiment and tinker with gadgets and I love how he takes his problem-solving mindset from software to the physical world.
  • Robbie has the fearless attitude that every dev strives to have. The ability to adapt and learn new technologies that make the world go around. What’s great about this is that it lends itself to who Robbie is. He makes cool stuff in code and in the real world.

Robbie has an incredible wit and wisdom and our staff loves to work with that part of him as well…and by golly, he is FUNNY:

  • His energy and inquisitiveness are just awesome to work with. And those are the traits that I love about him. His desire to learn new things and try out new approaches. I’ve lost some of that in myself, and he’s helping me remember it!
  • Robbie is willing and eager to learn and brings great, fun ideas to projects.
  • Robbie loves to learn and any project that seems to be on just the right side of crazy is precisely where he seems to thrive.
  • He is an authentic and truly likable fellow.
  • We are Bionicle Bros. which makes for great water cooler talk about Legos n such.
  • Robbie brings a positive, wonderfully creative attitude to everything he does. When you’re working on a project with Robbie, you know you’re going to have a fun time!
  • Robbie is a super laid back guy who anyone would be lucky to have on their team. Not only does he dive right into every project, no questions asked, but he also is adaptable and seems to find a bit of humor in any scenario.
  • The memes and random jokes Robbie tosses in slack….there’s nothing better!
  • He also loves to share very nerdy and funny corners of the internet, which makes my day.
  • Our daily team meetings are not the same if he isn’t sharing stories of experimenting on the caterpillars invading his kale, showing us the new light up house numbers he made, or repairing his espresso machine. He can make any routine event an adventure!
  • Yea I don’t know, he is funny too and good at mancala

In this time of remote work, there are definitely challenges to getting to know new people in the organization. But Robbie’s reputation precedes him…and everyone wants to work with him even more.

  • I’m looking forward to the day we all get to work in the same building and I have something fun to contribute to conversations like these!
  • There have been countless interactions with him that have been both hilarious and charming, which is what makes Robbie so darn likable!
  • I’m lucky enough to get to work with Robbie on a lot of projects and it’s always a joy, but I really can’t wait to get back to regularly scheduled Tornados burger binges.
  • Robbie reminds me of Harvey the 6 Foot Rabbit. I never see him, but I’ve heard he’s always there. The work seems to get done, magically, invisibly… actually quite amazing. I once got Robbie confused with Rob, but then Rob pointed out that I could actually see him (Rob that is), where Robbie… non-recognizable. So I think I can tell them apart because I know what Rob looks like. So that’s my work-related memory.
  • What makes me want to work with Robbie is that, from what I can tell, he dresses for success. I’ve never noticed any off-putting cologne or bad hair days. In fact, I’ve not really noticed anything about Robbie which makes him really easy to work with. I look forward to my next four weeks working with him.

This story Matt Barnhart shared seems to sum up all the awesomeness that is Robbie Nesmith:

My favorite memory of Robbie (as few as I have) is only peripherally work-related. His kindness, generosity, and insight shone during my, Chase, and Marie’s Code 201 project.

One afternoon in the days approaching quarantine, my team and I were plugging away at our project, Resc-U-r, in the DeltaV classroom. I caught a glimpse of Robbie in the hall outside. I asked for his help in learning to navigate the LulzBots (3D printer) on-site. He agreed without hesitation, accompanied me into the workshop, and proceeded to elucidate the basic operations of the machines with care.
Even after this, my group and I asked him into the classroom, and he happily (and with as much concern and curiosity as we had) helped us troubleshoot a piece of code that had been challenging us.
All of this presented an interruption to whatever task Robbie had initially set out to achieve, but the qualities I listed above drove him our aid. And I think the world is better for his sense of service.

We are so glad you are part of our team Robbie, one year and counting!

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