The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative

We Are

Accelerating World-Changing Ideas, From Iowa.

New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative is a nonprofit organization, focused on ensuring that Iowa is known, around the world, for making big things happen.

Impactful Startups

Impactful Startup Business that Grow Here

Iowa’s first and only tech-based startup accelerator program. An outstanding coworking community. Entrepreneurial education programs. The state’s largest Startup Weekend event. 160+ world-class mentors. Seed capital and angel networks.

World-Class Technical and Creative Talent, Sought Out By Everyone

Free coding camps for kids. Immersive and unique summer camp programs are teaching everything from coding to entrepreneurship. An adult code school is teaching the latest technical skills. A groundbreaking project-based learning high school model. Design thinking and creative play.

Technical Innovation

Thriving, Innovative Companies Developing New Products and Attracting the Best Talent

Corporate innovation programs that deliver results in six to nine months, repeatedly. The state’s most advanced agile practitioners. Coworking specifically aimed at getting innovative work done, quickly.

Outstanding Social Impact, Making the World a Better Place

Stronger entrepreneurs. Support for women entrepreneurs. Kids learning how the real world works. Leadership skills. Presentation skills. Kids and adults, building companies and projects that solve real problems in the world.

Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True

Work, Learning, & Fun

Use Our Dream Kitchen

Make your own lunch (or breakfast or dinner!) in our top-of-the-line kitchen in the Catalyst Cafe. Or partake of our free snacks, cereal bar, coffee, soda and more. We’ve got everything you need to get more done in a day than ever before.

Blow Off Some Steam

Most of the people here are working their tails off on a life-changing project. Inevitably, they’ll need some down time. We’ve got you covered in that department, too, with an array of games to play. Challenge a coworker to see who the reigning champ really is!

Get. More. Done.

Being here gives you the ability to focus on the task at hand.
Your entrepreneurial dreams are worth it.
Your future career is worth it.
Make it happen.