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We are bringing you a weekly show where we introduce you to new ideas, new tools to try, and lessons learned from real Iowa Innovators. We will help you accelerate the growth of whatever idea you have and move it off your whiteboard and into your work.

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Join us each week, where we’ll introduce you to new ideas, new tools, and lessons learned from real Iowa Innovators. We’ll help you move your ideas from the whiteboard right into your work!

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Aaron Horn

Aaron Horn

Aaron Horn is the Executive Director of NewBoCo in Cedar Rapids. He holds a degree in Management Information Systems and spent more than 15 years in the technology industry before joining NewBoCo. As Executive Director, Aaron has helped bring the Kiva microloans program to Iowa entrepreneurs and overseen the creation of NewBoCo’s Community Partnerships Pilot Program to bring entrepreneurial education and support structures to other regional communities.

Rob Merritt

Rob Merritt

Rob is an award-winning writer, editor, and videographer who crossed over into his current role after a decade of working in the journalism industry. He is a longtime Eastern Iowan and a graduate of the University of Iowa and volunteers with multiple nonprofits and theatre organizations. Rob is always exploring new ways to tell the stories of his community.

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