Our Story

Mission Statement

We accelerate world-changing ideas, from Iowa.

Vision Statement: To make Iowa known, around the world, for making big things happen:
  • Impactful startup businesses that grow here
  • World-class technical and creative talent sought out by everyone
  • Thriving, innovative companies developing new products and attracting the best talent
  • Outstanding social impact, making the world a better place
  • Yes, you’re invited! NewBoCo fosters a diverse and inclusive community, supporting, and encouraging people with big ideas of any kind.
  • Ready when you are. From idea to validation to bootstrapping to scale, NewBoCo creates and runs programs to support you.
  • Unicorns are imaginary. We’re practical; we build strong, reliable businesses where ownership remains primarily with the entrepreneur. Raise capital, where possible, by actually selling your product.
  • Be agile. As an organization, NewBoCo adapts to change, iterates quickly, delivers value rapidly and prioritizes critical learning first to make better decisions in the future. We teach these same techniques to our community.
  • Led by entrepreneurs that give before they get. Our program is led by people who’ve been there before, who live the give before you get ethos, and authentically believe in making the world a better place.
  • A distributed network of amazing people. Mentors. Speakers. Colleagues. Friends. NewBoCo constructs and provides access to a world-class network of talented people to help bring ideas to life.
Geographic focus

NewBoCo is built to help grow ideas, from Iowa. You may or may not be from Iowa, but you can get your start here and impact the entire world.

Within Iowa, NewBoCo will strengthen the state’s entrepreneurs, creatives, and technologists that are making big ideas happen. While headquartered in Cedar Rapids, our impact will be felt statewide. A win for Iowa City or Des Moines or Sioux City is a win for us too.

Our Community: The New Bohemia District

Cedar Rapids’ startup scene happens to be located right inside the New Bohemia district (“NewBo” to the locals.)
Why We Call NewBo Home

When floodwaters ravaged ten square miles of Cedar Rapids in 2008, we came back stronger than before. We took our tragedy and used it as a springboard for our transformation into a vibrant community where innovation and collaboration thrive. This resilient spirit and deep love for our community was what formed our nonprofit, the New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative.

NewBo is Cedar Rapids’ creative and entertainment district, featuring:

  • NewBo City Market – a year-round indoor market featuring dozens of local food and craft vendors.
  • Brewhemia – a family-owned café and bar located in the historic The National Building.
  • Parlor City Pub – featuring great food and 56 beers on tap.
  • Pig & Porter – local food from Iowa farmers and custom cocktails.
  • The Next Page Bookstore – an adorable locally owned bookstore.
  • Legion Arts, a theater, and enclave presenting cutting edge art, music theater, film and other events at a variety of venues,  supporting young artists, experimental art forms, and new ideas.
  • The Cherry Building, which houses dozens of loft-style businesses including ceramics workshops, artists, creative agencies, and more.
  • Within walking distance of the bike path and trail system.
  • Residential housing, including newly renovated lofts and brownstones, within walking distance.
  • Local shopping including RAYGUN and more.

In 2016, almost $20 million is being invested in the area, adding new retail, commercial and residential options.

45,000 Square Feet of Awesome

NewBoCo is located in the heart of Eastern Iowa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, filled with the vibrant energy that creative people bring.

We’re intentionally packing a bunch of awesome people together – the ones who make things happen in our community – into Geonetric’s new 45,000 square-foot building at 415 12th Ave SE in Cedar Rapids, smack in the middle of the New Bohemia district.

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Fastest. Internet. Ever.

Ludicrous Speed? Hell Yeah.

There’s nothing to slow you down…
imonWe’ve got up to 10 screaming gigabits of fiber optic Internet bandwidth, provided by sponsor ImOn Communications. Your startup won’t be starved for bandwidth, that’s for sure. Even if your startup isn’t a tech company, the Internet will play a vital role in your success. ImOn Communications, a founding sponsor, has donated a fiber connection with up to 10 gigabits of bandwidth for use by the Iowa Startup Accelerator, as part of ensuring that the Creative Corridor’s startup community has everything it needs.

“Startups need every advantage they can get,” says Jeff Janssen, vice president, sales, and marketing at ImOn Communications. “ImOn Communications is proud to provide ultra-high-speed broadband service for our startup community, delivered by one of the most fiber-rich networks in the country. And we believe it will be a compelling reason for companies to start here.”

Thanks, ImOn!