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ISA Portfolio of Companies

Iowa Startup Accelerator has been supporting companies since 2014. Iowa’s great potential for building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem and a void of entrepreneurial support programs inspired us to be the change we wanted to see. Since then, we’ve put many companies through the program and assisted even more entrepreneurs with our programs and inputs. Here we’ve collected many of the amazing companies that have participated in our accelerator program.

the Agenda.

Fall 2020

the Agenda Period logo

Alyx Cobel-Frakes – Founder and CEO

The Agenda. is a planning system and app that helps women and menstruators understand the 4 phases of their cycle and helps them use that information to improve their productivity and workflow.

Axis U

Fall 2020


Christian Gray – Founder and CEO

Solves skilled labor shortages by creating more job-ready candidates. Two thirds of Americans do not have a college degree, yet 65% of jobs require them. Axis U apprenticeships offer tuition-free paid programs to help people earn and learn in high-paying, high demand careers.


Spring 2021


Anna Gannon – Co-Founder and CEO; Casey Schwictenberg – Co-Founder and CTO

A patent-pending, lightweight, easy-to-use vacuum device that “picks up” and disposes dog waste in a clean, hands-free and environmentally safe way with self-closing compostable capsules.


Spring 2022

Groov logo

Ryan Glick – Co-Founder and CEO; Bryan Gill – Co-Founder and CTO

Groov is a web-based platform that helps residential land developers and home builders more efficiently manage properties, eliminate time-consuming manual business processes, and generate more leads.


Spring 2022


Nathan Greuel – Founder and CEO

Haggle is the very first and only bartering marketplace dedicated to help farmers access and lease equipment and services when not in use on their own farms. The Haggle platform enables peer-to-peer bartering and financial transactions between farmers to buy, borrow, and hire goods and services on-demand providing farmers an extra revenue stream, and helping other farmers with equipment and service needs.

The Hummingbirds

Fall 2021


Emily Steele – Founder and CEO

The Hummingbirds help companies generate awareness and sales through local social sharing. Hummingbirds are everyday community members who try a new experience and share it on social media to their own friends and followers, introducing hundreds if not thousands of people to new brands in their own community and beyond. Opposite of Instagram influencers, our Hummingbirds are your neighbors, your gym pals, and your coworkers — when they share content to their trusted audience of peers, people pay attention and take action. We are scaling from Des Moines to cities nearby.

IEP Equity

Fall 2020

IEP Equity IEM Certified Mediators logo

Chris Draper – Founder and CEO

Helps IEP (individual education program) teams hold better IEP meetings, meet effectively virtually, and select the right software for online IEP management.

Lotus Razors

Spring 2021


Steven Abramsky – Co-Founder and CEO – ; Noah Goedken – Co-Founder and COO/President; Trace Harken – Co-Founder and Vice President

A circular razor that improves the consumer’s shaving experience and results. This ergonomic circular design allows the product to move in any direction, eliminates cuts, reduces irritation, and lasts longer than conventional razors.


Spring 2021


Jim Levett – Co-Founder and CEO; Travis Mathison – Co-Founder and CTO

Is an accessible digital tool (i.e., app, website, plug-in) that gives healthcare providers access at the point of care to quantified patient-specific risk factors that accurately identifies procedural and/or prescriptive risk-factors for common medical and surgical procedures. As a result, physicians and other care-providers will improve medical treatment and corresponding results for patients, mitigate potential mistakes, and lower overall medical costs for the organization.


Spring 2021


Carlos Arguello – Co-Founder and CEO ; Jesús Mora Mejías – Co-Founder and Chief Psychologist; Uriel Olivas – Co-Founder and COO

Is an online marketplace for Teletherapy services for Latinos in the U.S. Through its platform Sevelyn connects Latino patients to licensed, board-certified Therapists and Psychologists in Latin America who understand the Latino culture, language, beliefs, and daily mental health challenges faced by Latinos in the U.S.

Spanton Dynamics

Fall 2021


Anna Spanton – Co-founder and CEO; John Spanton – Co-founder; Nick Osborn – COO

The Spanton Board is a revolutionary patent-pending power driven spine board that contours underneath an injured person and operates like a conveyor belt to minimize movement of the patient for the successful lifting and securing of patients at the emergency scene, prior to transport to a medical facility.

Sprayer Mods

Spring 2022

Sprayer Mods

Holly Bennett – Co-founder and CEO; Blake Espland – Co-Founder

Sprayer Mods upgrades farmers’ existing agricultural sprayer equipment with a camera using artificial intelligence in real-time to identify weeds while applying herbicides so that chemicals are sprayed only where weeds are found, thus reducing herbicide use and costs by as much as 80%.


Spring 2021


Nora Crosthwaite – Founder and CEO

An online tool/service that provides specific staging recommendations and instructions for homeowners and realtors to improve home appearance and marketability for better open-houses, showings, and sales results.

Steel Therapeutics

Spring 2021


Matt Stahl – Co-Founder and CEO; Robbie Schwenker – Co-founder and CMO; Allen Phillips – Co-Founder and CFO

A biotech company focused on getting the FDA approval for pharmaceutical therapies in the pharmacy compounding sector. Specifically, the initial product is a unique and convenient delivery solution for a pharmaceutical compound to treat a common medical condition, improve compliance, and increase efficacy.

Tennis Line Call

Fall 2021


Julien Duhautois – Co-founder and CEO

The Tennis Line Call App enhances amateur tennis player’s experience by turning their phones into an impartial AI (artificial intelligence) referee that will indicate when a tennis ball lands in or out of bounds. This patent pending solution allows users to simply start the app and place the phone on a tripod next to the net. When a call is challenged, the app will flash and sound a signal when the ball bounced out.


Fall 2020


Mark Salisbury – Co-Founder and CEO; Kimberly Dyer – Co-Founder and CTO

TuitionFit empowers college-bound students and families with real-time college pricing data so that every family can find the higher education option that perfectly fits their price range.