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Agile Toolkits for High School Projects

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What is Agile?

Agile is a group of methodologies that offer an iterative approach to managing work. It allows a group to self organize and communicate in ways that make work transparent and help manage challenges. This workshop will take Project-Based Learning experiences to the next level as students build product backlogs, complete sprints, hold stand up meetings, retrospectives and more. Bring learning to life and empower your students with skills that mirror those used in start-ups and software development worldwide.


Over the course of this **four-hour workshop, you’ll experience what it’s like to use agile as a student, with a special focus on how agile can help your students manage projects. From collaborating and building connections with your team to completing a team project using agile, interactive learning makes this workshop both practical and fun. Beyond learning the why and how of agile, you’ll figure out the right fit for you and your students. At the end of the workshop, you’ll develop an implementation plan, and leave with immediately implementable resources to use within your classroom.

  1. Four hours of Virtual PD Training for up to 30 participants
  2. Deep dive into Agile for education with a focus on implementation for group projects
  3. Strategic planning for implementation in each teacher’s classroom
  4. Digital workbooks, templates, and resources
  5. Access to NewBoCo’s Agile Mindset content

Details: Facilitated by Jen Manly, an Agile Certified Instructor who believes that, “kids deserve to do work that matters.”

**1 hour of teacher relicensure credit available through the AEA

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