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k-12 cs resources

Below are just a few of the many resources and examples to start integrating computer science into your classroom. You don’t have to be teaching a computer science class to bring computer science to your students. Whether it be integrating concepts like sequencing, decomposition, or global ethics, or the more commonly identified activity of coding, computer science can engage more of your students in whatever key discipline you are teaching.

Resources for Learners

Resources for Educators

A row of Innovation workshop students take notes on legal pads

Curated Professional Development

We partner with, government agencies, and educational institutions to offer a wide variety of practical and powerful computer science professional development opportunities for teachers. Often, there are grants or other funding options available!

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People sit in rows of white tables at an Intrapreneur Academy Workshop. Linn County Auditor Joel Miller and Deputy Director of Elections Rebecca Stonawski sit at the front table.

custom professional development

We can craft a custom professional development package with options tailored to your classroom and district. Contact us for more info.

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