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Two teams enter the Iowa Startup Accelerator 2017 Spring Batch

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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, March 20, 2017 – Iowa Startup Accelerator accepted two companies into the spring batch of its 2017 cohort, BluSolar and Global Healthcare Integrators (GHI). These teams are the first batch to participate in ISA’s new structure: a rigorous 12-month commitment where mandatory programming is condensed to Fridays to increase flexibility for entrepreneurs.

Team: Global Healthcare Integrators (GHI)
Team members: Christine Arakelian, CEO; Gregory Arakelian, Advisor; Dave Golding, Board of Directors; Lisa Hohn, Senior VP of Operations; Claudia Jaques, Senior VP and General Counsel; Abdel Marini, Director of Clinical Programs; Jennifer Serrano, Business Administrator; Scott Reid, Healthcare Advisor
Home Location: Reston, Virginia
Idea: GHI offers a SaaS Specialty Pharmacy platform for healthcare systems which overlays on their existing pharmacy systems and supports clinical algorithms, clinical workflows, specialty pharmacy patient services, data collection, and data sharing. They have currently raised $1.1 million.
Industry: Healthcare, SaaS

Team: BluSolar
Team members: Estefano Martinez, CEO; Daniel Rivera, COO; Trevor May, CDO; Hunter Somers, CTO; Jocelyn Hernandez, Head of Business Development; Bryce Kapitzky, Business Development; Julienne Shields, Business Development Advisor; Dr. Casey Watson, Research and Development Advisor
Home Location: Decatur, Illinois
Idea: BluSolar is a cleantech startup that uses cryogenics to increase the efficiency of solar photovoltaic cells. Working in conjunction with 300 Below Inc., the world leader in commercial cryogenic processing solutions, BluSolar provides tailored solutions for solar manufacturers or distributors wishing to enhance their product via cryogenic treatment.
Industry: Energy, Cleantech

Both teams were interested in participating in ISA due to its revised format.

“This new structure allows ISA to be more attractive to startups who have already achieved some traction. It also addresses a flaw in the traditional accelerator model – teams end up spending too much time in meetings and not enough time building their business,” Accelerator Managing Director David Tominsky said.

Both BluSolar and GHI are aligned with industries that match ISA’s strengths and capabilities. Regional partnerships with the University of Iowa, MedQuarter Regional Medical District, and Geonetric, as well as a density of highly experienced mentors in both healthcare and energy, make ISA a natural fit for both teams.

“We’re excited to work with teams that have such clear ties to industries Iowa is strong in. We have several targeted resources that we can use to help accelerate both of these teams,” Accelerator Program Manager Molly Monk said.

Over the past year, NewBoCo has worked to dramatically expand the resources available to entrepreneurs by growing its staff, facilities, and mentor network. NewBoCo’s new resources for tech talent, including the rapid prototyping lab and DeltaV Code School, help make it possible to accelerate world-changing technology startups like never before.

“NewBoCo’s software development and hardware engineering teams can, at a heavily discounted price, help entrepreneurs iteratively build the first versions of their product to help them move to market more quickly. Having these resources is huge for our portfolio teams,” NewBoCo Executive Director Eric Engelmann said.

BluSolar and GHI are the first members of the 2017 ISA cohort. ISA plans to invest in up to 10 companies in 2017 as part of its fourth cohort, and applications for both the Summer and Fall batches are open currently. In total, ISA has invested in 26 companies so far.

To apply to be a part of the ISA 2017 cohort, go to:

About Iowa Startup Accelerator
Iowa Startup Accelerator is an intensive program that matches tech-based startups with world-class mentors, Midwestern work ethic, seed funding, and product development expertise to accelerate their business to a successful exit. Iowa Startup Accelerator is powered by NewBoCo, a 501(c)(3) organization.

About NewBoCo
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