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NewBoCo started DeltaV Code School in 2017 to help solve Iowa’s technical workforce crisis. In Iowa, there are 3,000 open computing jobs each month, but last year, our universities only graduated approximately 679 Computer Science majors. All across our state, employers struggle to fill these positions. DeltaV helps solve this problem by giving Iowans the skills necessary to fill these jobs. It’s a bootcamp-style school that turns people with no technical background into full-stack JavaScript developers in just 20 weeks.

When we opened DeltaV, we thought that most of our students would be career changers simply looking to switch into a career with more opportunities for advancement. We were wrong. More than half of our students have come from households making less than $25,000. They couldn’t afford to take the time to do a two or four-year degree. For them, DeltaV was the best shot they had at a better future. And so far, 100% of our reporting graduates have been employed as developers making an average starting salary of $58,400 – more than double what many of our students were making before.

To make DeltaV more accessible to the students who need it most, NewBoCo is fundraising to offer tuition assistance to low-income students and students from backgrounds underrepresented in Computer Science. With unemployment climbing throughout the state due to COVID 19 layoffs, many Iowans are looking for new career opportunities. By giving more students the opportunity to attend DeltaV, we’re giving them, and Iowa, the opportunity to thrive. Learn about what it’s like to be a DeltaV student by watching the first episode of our web series, Talking in Code.

Help us meet our goal of $10,000 for Diversity Tuition Awards by making a tax-deductible donation today.

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