Offer Testing, Social Media Skills, and Partnerpalooza: ISA Week 4

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The ISA 2016 Cohort is only a few days away from finishing their first month of the program.

As the first month comes to a close, the cohort prepares to shift their focus from finding early adopters to sales strategy, financial models, and marketing. The next month will have workshops, panels, and group think sessions to help accelerate teams in this new direction.

In response to shifts in direction from the cohort, this week opened up with a workshop on offer testing. The workshop was part facilitation from David Tominsky and part shared learning that highlighted collaboration in the cohort.

“We’re still focused on our early adopters, but now we’re offer testing based on position title instead of companies as a whole.”

Streamweaver CEO Keevin O’Rourke

Josh Krakauer, CEO of Sculpt, was in the space for a double feature this week presenting at Founder Fireside and Workshop Wednesday. He worked with teams on developing their social media strategy, creating effective ads, and experimenting with procedures for offer testing.

“We’re literally shaping our new ad off of what we learned not only from Josh but from the other teams as well.”

AMP’d Cycles CEO Kyle Gatzmeyer

“The workshop was really good because Josh introduced us to a lot of tools and then showed us how to use them. It’s going to save me a lot of time.”

AssetRover CTO Uriel Barillas

This week, the ISA cohort also participated in Partnerpalooza – the kick off event for Iowa BIG students.

Iowa BIG is a community driven learning experience where high school students work on authentic, interdisciplinary community projects for academic credit. The program is housed in the same building as ISA, making working on projects for the cohort an attractive option for the students.

During Partnerpalooza, the ISA Cohort and other community members pitch their needs to the students. Students then choose what projects they want to work on for the semester. 

“The projects that our students are able to do with startups affords them an opportunity to provide significant value immediately because startups lack a lot of the resources – like time – that they need to achieve their goals”

Iowa BIG Director of Strategic Partnerships Troy Miller

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AMP’d Cycles
Smart bicycles creating a safer experience for cyclists.

Asset Rover
Real estate investing simplified.

Girls With Ideas
Leadership development program for young females.

A mobile app that increases awareness of gatherings, hangouts, and local events to help users be more present in their lives and communities.

Influencer marketing platform for e-sports.

Creating a globally respected and desired fashion brand from Iowa.