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NewBoCo Workiversary: Diane Dutton

On February 7, Diane Dutton celebrated one year at NewBoCo.

Before Diane joined the team, she graduated from the University of Iowa, lived and worked in Montana, and then moved back to the Corridor. She joined the NewBoCo team in 2017 as the executive assistant. Since then, she has made sure that the NewBoCo office runs smoothly, kept track of team calendars, and organized meetings and logistics for small events as well as writing content to help tell NewBoCo’s stories.

The NewBoCo team wanted to share a few of their favorite memories and traits to celebrate a year of Diane Dutton.

  1. Diane is unflappable. She cannot be flapped. Her ability to get a handle on Eric Engelmann’s calendar, at the pace he sets, is absolutely amazing to me.
  2. Diane has impressed me since the moment I met her. Whether it’s keeping Eric’s calendar in order, writing award nominations, or making sure that the office is running efficiently, she does it all and does it well.
  3. I love how eccentric Diane is; she always surprises me with her interests.
  4. Diane is what makes this organization work! She gets things done and is willing to jump in and help.
  5. Diane was a great help for the Future City Iowa competition. She says she didn’t really do anything, but to me she was so supportive, she let me ramble my thoughts out to try to keep my head clear and she double checked all the things. All-the-things! She was great, and I really appreciate all she does.
  6. Diane is always super on-the-ball with any kind or random request and is always very polite and nice to talk to.
  7. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard Diane say that she can’t do something. She will always figure out the solution to a problem or process.
  8. It takes a special person to help keep Mr. Engelmann on track! Diane is always on top of her game – organized, easy-going, and up for all challenges. Not to mention, she tells killer stories and is quick with her jokes.
  9. She’s very mysterious. It never seizes to amaze me the random things Diane seems to have full knowledge of…
  10. Diane handles any and all requests so quickly and effortlessly.
  11. Diane is always eager to help anyone with anything.
  12. My favorite work-related story about Diane was the night we had a ladies night after work, and she told us stories about growing up. She was hilarious.
  13. Diane has such great, random life tidbits that I love hearing about. Her stories add fun and surprise to a normal day, and they make me want to learn more about the mysterious side of Diane!
  14. I rely on Diane’s writing and editing skills more and more every day.
  15. Mostly I’m just consistently surprised by all the seeming random things she’s done. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn she had spent time with a traveling circus.
  16. Diane is such a detail-oriented person. She is extremely organized and does a great job of keeping important details from falling through the cracks!
  17. I really appreciate Diane’s sense of humor! I always know I can count on her for both a great laugh and to keep us organized.
  18. She can do and will tackle anything. Her ability to quietly keep everything in check is great.
  19. Diane is really funny and I’ve appreciated the fun times outside of the office going to shows and supporting our coworkers.
  20. The one trait about Diane that makes me want to work with her is that she’s willing to jump in and help with anything to get us all to a successful place!
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