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NewBoCo Workiversary: Aaron Horn

On September 5, our Chief Operating Officer Aaron Horn celebrated one year with NewBoCo.

Before Aaron joined the team, he served as President of the NewBoCo Board and worked as the Director of IT at Iowa Interstate Railroad. When he started at NewBoCo as Chief Operating Officer, he took the reins of managing day-to-day operations for the nonprofit as well assuming the duties of Executive Director while Eric Engelmann was on an eight-month sabbatical traveling around the world.

The NewBoCo team wanted to share a few of their favorite memories and traits to celebrate a year of Aaron Horn.

  1. Aaron has a huge heart and can find the best in all of us.
  2. I appreciate his passion and dedication to his work and also his nonprofit. He is dedicated to making the world that we live in a better place and to help people. It is inspiring to see someone take action and make things happen.
  3. Aaron is always great to play cards with over lunch and has awesome stories every time.
  4. Aaron is very approachable and strategic. He does EVERYTHING with a smile.
  5. I believe that he wrote a note in the office birthday card wishing me Euchre “bowers and aces” that was ambiguously handwritten.
  6. Aaron is always up for trying something new. It was cool to watch him get excited about stickering 2000 gold coins for a float in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. We threw an idea out week of, and he made it happen!
  7. When Aaron was board president, he invited the whole staff and board over to his house. He and his family were so welcoming, and it was a fun evening full of opportunities for members of the organization to get to know each other better outside of work.
  8. I think Aaron’s favorite thing is talking about the budget. He really lives for it.
  9. Aaron is calm and balances any crazy situation that may pop up. He is willing to brainstorm and come up with productive solutions.
  10. He has the best laugh and it is infectious. Anytime he laughs, it immediately brightens my day.
  11. Aaron is always on it! Whether it’s responding to emails, live tweeting, or celebrating wins, he’s on the ball.
  12. He is always up for a good laugh and always plays cards in good spirits.
  13. Aaron is incredibly competent and level-headed. He works through problems with a lot of thought and moves forward with whatever good plan he comes up with.
  14. Aaron has seemingly limitless energy for causes he deems worthy, from NewBoCo’s mission to Beat Cancer.
  15. Aaron is such a positively genuine human. You always know that he’s listening when you speak, truly cares, encourages everyone around him, and wants to make things better.
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