Small Business Resiliency Groups

As business owners we have made a choice to dedicate a certain portion of our lives to creating a legacy. To invest in the future of our families as well as our community. We are the boss and the parent. The lone wolf and the connector. We do our best to balance the dedication to our craft and our family.

Business is more than business. It’s personal. It’s our lives and our livelihoods and we want to do everything we can to make it successful.

In our Small Business Resiliency Groups, we have real discussions about what is happening in our businesses and our lives because we are humans first stepping into roles. We cannot – try as we might – disconnect from or silo ourselves.

We are CEO, CFO, bookkeeper, HR, janitor, marketing manager, sales and we do not know what we don’t know, so we connect with the people who do.

Resiliency in life happens through connection. Business Resiliency is no different. When we have someone with whom we can connect the problems seem smaller and the solutions are easier. We are more prepared to act and less affected by setback.

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