Mastermind Groups

Too often leaders get stuck inside their own silos of information and then fail to see opportunities or address problems with the right perspective. A Mastermind Group is a handpicked collaboration of peer entrepreneurs or innovative leaders that meet monthly for brainstorming, problem solving and candid feedback that’s often hard to find.

NewBoCo’s facilitated Mastermind Groups are a cost-effective way to learn from peer leaders in a confidential, small group setting.

How Mastermind Groups Work

Mastermind Groups:

  • Meet monthly (recommended) or quarterly.
  • Are limited to about eight members. New members are only allowed in by a unanimous vote from the existing group.
  • Are professionally facilitated by a NewBoCo staff member or trained facilitator.
  • Hold all information confidential at all times.

A typical meeting lasts 90 minutes to three hours. In the meeting, you might:

  • Brainstorm new ideas around a particular problem one of the members is facing
  • Get candid feedback on a challenging issue from people who aren’t your team members and have no vested interest in the outcome
  • Give you the confidence you need for an important decision you’ve been wrestling with – a second (or third or fourth) opinion
  • Hold each other accountable for commitments you’ve made previously
  • Discuss an important issue everyone is likely facing (such as the recent changes in Department of Labor regulations for salaried employees)
  • Congratulate a member on an important win or share a humbling story of defeat that others can learn from

Eligibility & Cost

Mastermind Groups are a serious commitment, and require you to be a valuable contributor to remain involved.

To join one of our Mastermind Groups requires that:

  • You are a Vault Community Member (or higher) in good standing for the current year
  • You meet the eligibility requirements for a particular group
  • You apply to, and are accepted into, the group by the current members
  • You commit to being a member for 12 months
  • You agree to pay $50/mo to offset expenses
  • You adhere to each group’s unique working agreement, which will include expectations for participation, attendance, etc.

Professional Facilitation

The facilitator has an important role in the group. He or she will:

  • Remind the group of the ground rules (e.g. confidentiality, the format for the meeting)
  • Send materials ahead of time for a key topic of conversation
  • Bring a strong business background to assist in guiding the conversation
  • Act as a “connector” for the group to experts on important topics, often from our mentor group

2017 Mastermind Groups

Established Mastermind Groups:
Group Eligibility Accepting new members? Facilitator
 Mktg Marketing Leaders Yes Josh McNary
 NP1 Exceptional Nonprofit CEOs in the Cedar Rapids area  Yes Eric Engelmann
Mastermind Groups being formed:
Group Eligibility Accepting new members? Facilitator
Want to start one? email TBD

Want to apply to join a Mastermind Group?

If you’d like to join one of the above groups, contact Eric Engelmann at

Want to form a new Mastermind Group?

If you’d like to form a new Mastermind Group around a different topic or theme, contact Eric Engelmann at