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Making an app? Come learn from the best

Jess Faber is a Prometheus Award winner. She’s taught at DeltaV Code School. She’s a founding member of NewBoCo. And she’s currently building all kinds of apps as a UI/UX Developer for NewBoCo Studios. You can see examples of her work that will blow you away.

So when we tell you that she’s giving a free talk about what she does next Tuesday, you can bet it’s worth hearing.

You don’t even have to buy a ticket, though. When Jess speaks Tuesday morning at the Geonetric Building here in Cedar Rapids, it won’t cost a thing to attend. You’re getting to hear from an expert in the field of website design and app building — for free.

“When I’m not building, I’m teaching others to build.” Jess says. “I pride myself on creating well thought out, user-centric designs.”

How to shape ideas

There’s definitely no shortage of “big ideas” in the world of app design. But only a few folks will actually move forward with developing it, much less launching it.

So if you have one of those big ideas as an entrepreneur, but you don’t have any coding experience, you’ll be facing three big challenges: The cost of development, your lack of experience, and getting the right development team.

That’s where someone like Jess comes in. On Tuesday she’ll tell you all about what goes into creating an app, from the front-end user interface to the back end that holds everything together. She’ll talk about resources and planning. She’ll talk about finding the right team.

Actually, if you want to get an early idea of what you’ll learn about from Jess, look no further than the Iowa Innovation podcast episode she appeared on last summer.

So, yeah. If you’re an entrepreneur, a designer, or you just have app ideas in your head that you want to explore, you’ll learn a lot on Tuesday. Reserve your spot now.

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