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Luxury LaVie Hairtique and Beauty Bar

Sioux City, Iowa

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I’m a single mother of three beautiful children. I have two handsome sons and one beautiful daughter. I am their sole provider. I became an entrepreneur because I wanted financial freedom. I wanted to be able to tell my children, yes, and if it was to be a no, finances weren’t the factor.

Growing up in Louisiana was very tough for a woman of color. The scale was never balanced socially nor economically. I watched my mother work two jobs to support myself and my two siblings. We grew up and graduated high school with the intention of being financially free enough that our mother could retire. Things, of course, didn’t happen like that. I ended up pregnant with my first son, my sister dropped out of college, and my baby brother was murdered.

People ask me how I remain motivated? I want to break the cycle, I want to finish the race, and I’m the last person with the baton. Entrepreneurship is the only way. I won’t stop and I can’t afford to give up. For others, there are choices, fail-safes. For me, there are none. I have to give it my all. I have too many people depending on me. I have re-created my level of thinking. I have restructured my mind frame.

Growing up in inner cities, you experience so much, and the majority of those problems that were acquired could’ve been cured with success and wealth. As a mother, I will be a failure if I allow my children to endure things that I had to just to be in the position to write this story at 28 years old. Age was coming from where I’m from, you’re lucky if you lived long enough to see. Help me develop my business, to break the poverty cycle.