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Shannon Gibbons of Elemental Balance


Elemental Balance

Des Moines, Iowa

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I am a newly graduated nurse, energy healer trained under Peruvian medicine traditions, and a certified assisted lymphatic therapy practitioner (ALT), looking to start my own holistic health practice. I am applying for a Kiva loan in order to purchase my own Assisted Lymphatic Therapy Machine, which is an innovative noninvasive therapy technology that helps improve the body’s lymphatic flow and reduce swelling. The Lymphatic system is a part of the immune system, supporting fluid balance and the detoxification of organs. This machine is highly effective and supports those with chronic conditions. ALT is FDA approved. I have used this device at my current job and am looking to move into my own practice.

As a child diagnosed with chronic health conditions, I have learned first-hand what it means to heal, and I am passionate about helping people who have hit the end of their rope with chronic conditions using mind, body, & spirit healing. As a nurse and ALT, I am trained to help the physical body. As a shamanic practitioner, I am trained to bring the mind and spirit into balance. In my current ALT practice, I have had the privilege of seeing how ALT benefits people not limited to but including cancer survivors, lymphedema patients, those with chronic fatigue, and autoimmune conditions. Please help me in brining the quality of life back to others in need. This would bring me so much joy!