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Des Moines, Iowa

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My name is Philip, and I am eager to finally start my trucking business after nearly ten years in the transportation industry. I work long hours, and my days consist of 16-hour workdays, where I split my time between my full-time role as a healthcare laboratory technician and as a Lyft and Uber driver into the mornings and evenings to supplement my income. Over the years, I have developed a passion for self-employment in the transportation industry, as these jobs have provided me with stable and consistent income when my workplace couldn’t.

When I’m not working, I spend my time community-building. I do this through fundraising to support everything from helping South Sudanese youth pay for college expenses here in the U.S. to purchasing food and supplies to aid relief efforts in South Sudan. I am currently the volunteer Program Coordinator for Nuer Community Development Services of USA (NCS), which operates across the country.

Since leaving the refugee camps of Ethiopia 20 years ago, my mind has been set on improving the quality of my life and the lives of my loved ones – my 11 family members whom I financially support in Ethiopia and Kenya. Receiving this loan would not only help me achieve my goal of purchasing a box truck to begin transporting freight across the Midwest, but it would also put me in the position to dedicate my time to growing my business while earning a stable income.

Business Description

I have been a Lyft and Uber driver for the past five years, but I want to expand my business, upgrading to being a box truck driver that will deliver loads across the Midwest. I am located out of Des Moines, Iowa, but my business will take me throughout the Midwest and possibly across the United States. I chose the transportation industry because it gives me the flexibility and the income I need to support my immediate and extended family back in Ethiopia and Kenya.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

Receiving this loan will help me put a down payment on a Non-CDL Box Truck and begin delivery services. Additionally, the funds will cover my insurance for 12 months and help cover any unforeseen maintenance and repairs in my first year of operation. Overall, this loan will allow me to hit the ground running – covering the upfront costs to get me started, allowing me to take on jobs, increasing my income, and continuing to save for future repairs.