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Mawua Food Market

Davenport, Iowa

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Hi! I’m Redeem and I own a market in the basement of my home in central Davenport (located in Iowa). The name of my business is Mawua Food Market. Originally from West Africa, the country of Togo, I came to the USA in 2012 and became a citizen in 2016. I am the mother of 5 children and I love running my own business. I started this business when I was a young age, and now I can’t wait to move forward and grow my business even further.

Business Description

In the basement of my home in central Davenport is the beginning of Mawua Food Market. At Mawua Food Market, we sell rice, beans, fresh fruits, and vegetables. We also sell all kinds of additional items, including wigs, purses, fabric, jewelry, and soap. Friends and family come and browse the carefully marked shelves, purchasing items to take home to their families. My current challenge is upgrading certain equipment and working to better market my business. This loan will help get the word out about my grocery store.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

This Kiva loan will help me grow and expand my locally owned grocery store. I will spend the majority of these Kiva funds purchasing new equipment (including a POS system and new freezer) and work toward expanding inventory; accessing more limited products. This loan will also help me purchase goods that are staples for our business, including rice, and flour, and find new ways to market my business to the surrounding community. Thank you for supporting my small business here in Iowa!