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Kolofon Health, LLC

Hiawatha, Iowa

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I am a Registered Nurse living and working in Iowa. I have always enjoyed helping others. Like others, I had loved ones whose health issues caused them to rely on our healthcare system. I decided to become a healthcare professional in 2008. I learned to master the art of providing excellent care for patients, their families, and my coworkers. I was passionate about learning and making a difference in every individual’s life I came into contact with. I quickly learned that our system is highly dysfunctional, with a continuous cycle of staffing shortages that put patients and families at risk of getting less than optimal care. So, I went into nursing management. I began mentoring and empowering nursing staff to be their best by supporting them so they could do their best work. I saw the disconnect between the corporations managing the caregiver’s and patients’ and families’ care. This resulted in fast-tracking training, pressuring caregivers to spend as little time with each patient as possible, and overworking caregivers to burnout.

I decided to start my healthcare staffing agency: Kolofon Health. Kolofon is a Greek word that means “the ultimate” or “pinnacle.” This represents my vision for healthcare. A model that believes when caregiver is empowered to do their best work, they are less likely to become burned out and more likely to deliver the quality of care I would want for my own family. As a black woman living in Iowa, I am keenly aware of how few minorities work as healthcare professionals. Even fewer are in healthcare management or are business owners. I plan to help change that. I believe more diverse and inclusive healthcare will reduce the critical shortage of caregivers and improve the quality of care for everyone.

Business Description

As a staffing service, we provide qualified, highly experienced caregivers to individuals and companies who need private site nursing care.

We have a patient-driven philosophy. When considering a provider, make sure they can show you a care plan tailored to your needs. As your provider, we meet patients where they are; we listen and will guide you into a program customizable to your needs and goals.

Equally important, we will fully support the person who will do the work of caring for you or your loved one. We value the relationship that evolves with your caregiver and will do all we can to ensure that relationship thrives. That means making worker retention our top priority. We know how frustrating losing a caregiver you like and trust is.

We provide Skilled, Compassionate Caregiving, 24/7 Private Duty Nursing Care, Personalized Care Assistance, and In-Home or Healthcare Facilities for staffing shortages.

No Cost Resource Referral.

Kolofon Health was founded by a passionate Registered nurse, a minority woman with only one goal: Providing the absolute best care available for you or your loved one. For many, COVID-19 represented a low point in the quality of healthcare. The traditional healthcare management model left doctors and nurses burned out. Even worse, patients suffered from delayed care. This was heartbreaking for medical professionals pledged to save lives. Many left their profession for careers that offered less stress. Why? Because the people they worked for could not provide the needed support to do their jobs. They put profits ahead of people.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

This loan will help us to hire, train, and mentor 25 CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants), caregivers, or medication aides to start providing nursing services. Funds will be used to meet payroll until payment is received for billed services from our patients and facilities.

Kolofon Health believes there is no shortage of healthcare workers, only a shortage of employers that empower them to do their best work. This loan will allow us to train our caregivers to provide the ultimate healthcare experience adequately.