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Missy Carter and Sweets 'N' Teas


Sweets 'N' Teas

Waterloo, Iowa

Matching Partner: Community Bank & Trust (CBT)

What started as a way to use our creativity and bond as a family has quickly grown into a mission to enhance our community and create opportunities for local youth. Being based in a community where there are approximately 1.19 liquor stores for every square mile (and also lacking fresh food and drink options for our youth), we are diversifying the market and bringing options that are highly sought after by young people in the community. We are now a full service “build-your-own” bubble beverage bar offering hand-squeezed and fresh-brewed teas and juices. Our plan is to go mobile and “pop-up” in neighborhoods all over the city that wouldn’t otherwise have access to alternatives to what is offered at liquor and convenience stores. Our desire is to build generational wealth, expand opportunities for youth through employment, and ultimately expand into a brick-and-mortar. This brick and mortar would serve as a social space for youth who – since the pandemic, and due to the marginalization of the community – are lacking options for socialization, and access to leisure activities and menu options readily available in larger, more affluent communities. There is a demand, and we plan to get our mobile unit up and running to meet the need, and eventually cater to other needs of the youth in our community. We aren’t attempting to just fill the gap, we are setting an example.