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Marketing Growth Strategy

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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They laughed at me when I started recording lives on a galaxy with a cracked screen.

Create content, they told me. But I didn’t know the first thing about making content. But after five years…

I’m a marketing strategist (aka the on-demand CMO). I grew up in the Chicagoland area (Plainfield, Illinois if you are familiar with the area). I knew at sixteen years old I wanted to be in marketing. I built a mock ad in microeconomics. It was the first time in school that I wished I had more time to keep working on the project to make it better. My plan was to go to school for marketing, but that changed when someone in my life made me feel foolish about my dreams.

It took me ten more years to make the leap into marketing. Starting was a challenge. How do I begin after I wasted so much time?

Create content, they told me. But I didn’t know the first thing about making content. After five years of long nights reading and taking online classes, I’ve learned to make content the right way! My dream for the future is to help others who’ve been told they aren’t enough; to help them find a voice. I am creating a space for people to learn how to record their own content. Everyone has a story, but most don’t know how to tell it. If you agree there is power in telling your story and you want to see other people find their voice…hit the button to add what you can to the goal. Every dollar gets us one step closer to helping the next person unlock their voice.

Business Description

I run a small marketing company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I offer Social Media Management, Email Marketing, and Marketing Strategy. I work with small business owners that have successful businesses, but they know there is room to grow.

I do most of my work online, but I have a location in the NewBo District in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I started my business in 2019 because I kept taking classes to learn about marketing for fun. It seemed like overnight that people started asking me for help with their marketing. I was doing work for people at no charge because I had a passion for it and didn’t think about charging. Then, one day someone forced money on me, and the business was born.

What is the Purpose of This Loan?

I am applying for a loan with Kiva to buy the equipment needed to build a recording space. I have several people that want to start a youtube channel and a podcast but do have the equipment or knowledge to do so.

I will be investing money into buying equipment. The money from the Kiva loan will help to buy the rest of the equipment we need.

The loan will allow my business to get the right equipment (including cameras, microphones, lighting, sound foam, and a soundboard) and open up the space for the public to use.